Meet Lars Napret

Regional Manager for Consid in Northern Germany

Lars Napret
Meet Lars Napret, our new Regional Manager for Consid in Northern Germany. With the dot-com bubble as a starting point, he adds over 20 years of experience in the IT consulting sector to Consid. Now, Lars Napret is going to write and tell Consid's story further in Germany.

He is setting the foundation for Consid’s organic growth in Germany

When meeting Lars, he has just visited our office in Karlskrona together with several of the Consid employees from Hamburg. Consid’s founders Peter Hellgren and Henrik Sandell were also present.

– There was everything from informative presentations to late-night barbecues. A completely different corporate culture than many of us have experienced at previous German workplaces. We had fun days together, says Lars Napret.

Like the founders Peter Hellgren and Henrik Sandell’s journey with Consid, Lars Napret started his journey in the IT consulting sector during the dot-com bubble. A flourishing time that turned the opposite for many.

– When I started my journey in the IT consulting sector, I had to use both my skills in web development and business administration. I spent my first 10 years at Logica, then worked for 3 years at a smaller consulting firm and most recently, I have been at CGI for 10 years. I have been in the IT consulting sector for over 23 years now, and the time has been marked by both challenges and opportunities.

Lars’ latest role at CGI was as Vice President Consulting Services responsible for over 100 employees in three industries: retail, telecom, and media.

Why Consid?

Lars shares that he had long had a desire to work for a Swedish company. Already in 2004, he had plans to move to Sweden, which never materialized. In addition, Lars and his wife spent a lovely honeymoon driving around in Sweden. But a message on LinkedIn was to awaken the idea of Sweden again.

– As Vice President Consulting Services at CGI, I received thousands of messages on LinkedIn. But since the message came from a Swedish company, I spent some time looking at the website. I ended up on the page for Consid’s office, saw the pictures, and thought ‘wow’, says Lars with a smile.

Initially, Lars was just playing with the idea of becoming a part of Consid. But after each meeting, it became clearer to him that “the Swedish corporate culture that Consid has was what I was missing”.

Tangible corporate culture

Consid makes waves with successful expansion into Hamburg. With 23 years of experience and strong relationships with the best in the industry, Lars is well aware of the opportunities in Hamburg’s IT market.

– The fact that virtually all major players in the IT consulting sector are present in Hamburg makes competition for expertise tough. At the same time, the economy is strained. But there are market shares to be won, especially in the public sector where we are about 3 years behind with digitalization compared to Sweden.

As Regional Manager, Lars is now laying the foundation and creating space for Consid’s organic growth in northern Germany. In this work, Lars’ strong storytelling ability fits well, and becomes even clearer as he continues to tell us about Consid’s why in Germany.

– Consid’s Swedish corporate culture is our value proposition – it is and will continue to be tangible for both employees and customers. I want to create a credible experience of the corporate culture for everyone at Consid’s meeting place in Hamburg, says Lars, hinting that they are now visiting many exciting office spaces to find the right one in both Hamburg and possibly even in other German cities.

Lars continues:

– I also want to position Consid as a hands on partner for digital business models. We don’t just want to implement concepts, but also develop both strategy and solutions by sharing insights.

Get to know our employees!

The employees are very important, and here at Consid, we are highly valued. I was also attracted by the opportunity to contribute to shaping Consid's efforts in Embedded.

Samuel Zetterlund

Embedded Developer

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Porträtt på Samuel Zetterlund, Embedded-utvecklare på Consids kontor i Linköping.
Full speed ahead.

Erica Dahlberg

Business Line Manager, Embedded

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Erica Dahlberg, Business Line Manager, Embedded Consid
Consid’s Nordic presence as a leading digital transformation partner is important.

Salla Lummi

Account Executive

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Salla Lummi, Consid Helsinki
There was always a thought in my mind that there is an opportunity to come back to Consid.

Tobias Wiklund

Solution Architect & Tech Lead

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Despite our size, there is always room for the individual.

Madeléne Gardbeck

Key Account Manager

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Not only are we Sweden's best employer, but we have also been named Region of the Year at Sweden's best employer.

Chauqline Bredberg

HR and Recruitment at Consid in Umeå

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Chauqeline Bredberg, Consid Umeå
It's a unique opportunity to be part of building Consid in Helsinki.

Veera Uoti

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Veera Uoti Veera Uoti, Team Lead HR & Recruitment at Consid in Helsinki
I see a substantial need for support during digital transformation, and we need to address the change processes from multiple perspectives.

Malin Emilsson

Change Manager and Consulting Manager

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I couldn't stay away from the consulting industry.

Peter Ernst

IT Consultant

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Peter Ernst, It-konsult på Consid i Borlänge
I aim to be an enabler in making customer journeys a central component of a company's business and business development.

Rebecca Börebäck

Domain Specialist in CX and Commerce

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Rebecca Börebäck, Domain Specialist CX & Commerce
With several substantial deals secured alongside well-known multinational corporations, we are looking for colleagues who want to continuously learn and share their knowledge.

Daniel Lupzig

Head of HR, Talent & Recruitment at Consid Germany

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Daniel Lupzig, Head of HR, Talent & Recruitment at Consid in Germany
It has been a journey toward the dream of building something from the ground up. And that opportunity is now here.

Reima Soikkeli

CEO of Consid Finland

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Reima Soikkeli, CEO of Consid Finland,
As the number of satisfied clients grew, so did the team and our delivery capacity.

Aggi Ahlnäs

Responsible for the team's management delivery

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Bakre raden från väster: Martin Ahlqvist, Robert Johanson, Alexander Lesser, Frida Gustafsson, Joanna Möllberg, Cecilia Wendin, Annie Ekblom, Rasmus Eriksson. Främre raden från vänster: Malin Andersson, Emma Malmkjell, Filip Huhta, Emma Sundman, Aggi Ahlnäs, Linnéa Ingman.
At Consid, joy and collaboration flourish, and everyone is a part of it.

Sophie Enqvist

Consulting manager, Digital Experience Development Manager and technical project leader

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Sophie Enqvist, konsultchef Skövde
The support, interest, and appreciation from all the fantastic colleagues were immensely heartwarming. It's a memory I will cherish for a long time.

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With experience under my belt, it's easy to think that the work becomes easier, but each meeting presents new exciting challenges that need to be tackled in their own arena.

Benjamin Huynh

Art Director

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Benjamin Huyn, Art Director Jönköping
I love to build products and services that are serious about their CX.

Christian Møller

Product Owner

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Christian Møller
There is no complex hieracia interfering in the strategy for how we should run the business in Denmark.

Michael Lund-Andersen

Director of Sales and Business Development

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Michael Lund-Andersen
Why am I joining Consid? Because I genuinely care about digitalization.

Jan Bidner

Office Manager

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AI creates a need to understand Data.

Dena Waern

Data/Business Analyst

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Dena Waern
Consid's Swedish corporate culture is our absolute advantage.

Lena Fahrenkrug

Head of Sales Germany

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Once in a lifetime opportunity. I see it as a good opportunity to build experiences and relationships in a growing industry.

Fabian Ottho

Key Account Manager

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The fact that Consid and the trainee program Next Level Academy have received many awards and prizes, makes me feel that I have joined a great company.

Sandra Reinecke


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The main thing I want to tell you is that communication is important if you want what you build to do any good.

Albin William

IT Consultant and Full Stack Developer

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There are a lot of myths about the IT industry and it's not marketed to girls and non-binary people in the same way, which I think can be a bit of a deterrent.

Lily Tsui

IT Consultant and Consultant Manager

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I am particularly interested in programming wow-experiences with complex gesture events and animations for web and applications.

Marcuz Larsen

Frontend Developer

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