Meet Dena Waern

Data/Business Analyst at Consid

In an era where data is generated from almost everything we do, she hunts for real-time curves and never shies away from an analytical challenge. Dena Waern is our Data/Business Analyst and one of the Consid employees who helps our clients become data-driven. Meet Dena as she reflects on how data creates insight and how the world's focus on AI creates significant needs to truly understand data.

The Data Enthusiast who Prefers Numbers over Words

With over 10 years of industry experience in the automotive sector, Dena has worked in everything from data analysis, innovation project management, programming, automation, to testing. However, when the pandemic hit in 2020, she decided to pursue a long-term goal: to take the next step in data science.

– I prefer numbers over words and began a specialist education within data science. Right after completing the training, I was able to apply my skills in the field, Dena shares.

After another year, she joined Consid,  with Volvo AB as a client. When asked why she chose to switch to our consulting firm, Dena is quick to talk about the people.

– The culture is so important to me! At Consid, we support each other in the team. It is a genuine company where, for example, we work on equality and diversity for real, she says.

Dena also highlights that at Consid, she was able to get her desired direction for her role, focusing more on data and, most importantly, helping clients create value from data.

The World’s Focus on AI Creates Significant Needs to Truly Understand Data

Currently, the most exciting part of being a Data/Business Analyst for Dena is gathering information to project how things will look in the future, leading to faster and better decisions.

When talking about the future, AI naturally comes up as a topic of conversation. Dena predicts that companies will develop their own AI tools and create “a kind of company-specific ChatGPT that can streamline processes significantly, placing higher demands on data scientists.”

– The tools to collect data already exist. The question is: How can we use them? What processes can we simplify, and how can existing organizations become more agile with the help of AI? An exciting development for us who have expertise in both business and data analysis, she adds.

Dena is now looking forward to working with even more consid employees who are passionate about data and want to be part of the effort. As we are looking for people to join Consid.

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