Meet Lena Fahrenkrug

Head of Sales Germany

Lena Fahrenkrug
Consid continues to accelerate in Germany after a remarkable start. With Hamburg's vibrant and creative business environment as our first step, we are now placing great emphasis on building the company we have always wanted to work for, and one that quality-conscious customers want to work with. One of our new employees who is shaping this journey is Lena Fahrenkrug. Our enthusiastic, structured, and curious Head of Sales in Germany.

Head of Sales Germany: “Consid’s Swedish corporate culture is our absolute advantage”

We are thrilled to welcome Lena Fahrenkrug to Consid, and Lena is equally excited, as she will be building up our sales team in Hamburg.

– I have a bachelor’s and master’s degree in business psychology, specializing in marketing and sales. At that time, my heart was most passionate about marketing, and I started at a marketing agency. Within that time, I became a freelancer in the field of consulting, Lena explains.

But as she had her own business, Lena also needed to work with sales to secure assignments and to succeed.

– For me, sales are not just about delivering good results in numbers. It’s about matching people with needs by getting to know them. There is nothing I love more than seeing people happy.

Therefore, Lena continued to work in sales. Most recently, she worked at one of the top three staffing and recruiting companies in STEM – SThree.

– At SThree, we had a 360-degree approach, which meant that we worked with both clients and freelance IT experts. I had to find clients and build all client relationships from scratch. In this time period, I developed my negotiation and objection handling skills. I managed to build relationships with clients such as Dräger, Boeing, and Generali. How did I establish those working relationships? People want to be heard; therefore, I listened and found a way to help them.

“Consid’s Swedish corporate culture is our absolute advantage”

It was during the fall of 2022 when Sweden’s best employer came to Germany. Lena confirms that there is a huge interest in the Swedish corporate culture in Hamburg.

– At Consid, I have the chance to build the most rewarding, engaging, and healthy workplace. I decided to choose Consid when I saw the corporate culture at the Swedish offices. It inspired me – seeing is believing.

Lena continues:

– All of my new colleagues, that I have met at Consid, always have a positive attitude, show engagement, and create real impact. Consid’s Swedish corporate culture is our absolute advantage and thus shapes our future growth and profitability.

Creating a digital world by caring about people’s needs

In addition to building a sales team that will achieve success through collaboration, Lena will also open work relationships with new clients. With the goal of contributing to a better society through innovative digital solutions.

– I am a very curious person. I always want to understand and learn. I cannot code, and most likely never will. But I have developed a great understanding of IT to understand client needs.

Consid’s vision of building tomorrow’s infrastructure and striving to offer solutions that enable sustainable development of both our society and our economy, fits well in Hamburg. Hamburg has long been recognized as Northern Europe’s economic center – with many skilled developers and other IT personnel, as well as some of Europe’s top IT education centers.

– What motivates me is creating a digital world to match humanity’s future needs. Therefore, I must understand the interest of a client within the bigger picture and match them with skilled motivated people.

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Lena Fahrenkrug

Sales Manager Consid Hamburg

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