Meet Salla Lummi

Account Executive at Consid in Helsinki

Salla Lummi, Consid Helsinki
At Consid, we've been achieving one milestone after another since our launch in Helsinki in August 2023. Among various DPS agreements with big Finnish players, our partnership with the ICT-company 2M-IT is currently standing out – a significant move to expedite the digital shift in western Finland. Salla Lummi, one of our colleagues at the forefront of driving technological advancements and digital transformation in Finland, sits down with us to share more about her journey as Account Executive and Consid's progression in Finland.

Building your transformation partner in Helsinki

We launched our operations in Finland in August of this year, with Reima Soikkeli at the helm. Shortly after, Salla Lummi our Account Executive joined Consid in Helsinki. Salla has a professional background in sales and over 5 years of experience. It all started when she joined the French luxury brand Louis Vuitton as a Client Advisor.

– Quite quickly, I was able to see that I thrived in a sales-oriented environment and applied for my first role within B2B sales at Academic Work. I really enjoyed it and noticed I was quite good at it too, receiving a “Rookie of the Year” award, shares Salla Lummi.

With a growing interest in the IT industry, the job opportunity at Consid could not come at a better time for Salla.

– I take pride in having the courage to jump into a new industry and start building Consid‘s Helsinki office together with our team.

Key factors when choosing Consid as an employer

For Salla, the key factors in choosing Consid as a new workplace were:

  1. “The opportunity to build something new.”
  2. “Possibility to pursue my career plans in IT the industry.”
  3. “Uplifting atmosphere and high spirits from everyone at Consid during my recruitment process.”

– All my expectations were met or even exceeded from Consid as an employer. I think it’s great to see what we can build together and to experience the journey, says Salla.

“Consid’s Nordic presence and support are important”

Just like her Finnish colleague Veera Uoti, Salla emphasizes the support they have from Sweden and other colleagues in the Nordic region. From over 20 years of know-how, Consid also have great reference cases with companies of different sizes, and most of the companies Consid works with in Sweden also exist in Finland.

– The support really helps a lot. We have a great support organization from Sweden, and everyone at Consid wants you to succeed.

Salla continues:

– Consid has worked with Finnish customers for a long time, which made it obvious to open a local office here as well. With the local presence we can strengthen our current collaborations here in Finland, but also open many new ones. It’s a great opportunity to join us at this phase, says Salla Lummi.

New partnership

Another Finnish success – Consid lands DPS agreement with 2M-IT

Consid has reached yet another milestone in Finland, landing a DPS agreement with the ICT-company 2M-IT of western Finland.

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Our services


Your local digital transformation partner in Helsinki with expertise in IT, management and digital marketing. IT company with IT consultants in Helsinki.

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