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Sandra Reinecke
Today we welcome our new talented trainees to our Consid offices all around Sweden. One of them is Sandra Reinecke. We met up with Sandra for a quick chat to ask about her expectations of the trainee program, why she first hesitated to study computer engineering at KTH Royal Institute of Technology and about her commitment to teach young people programming. Read our chat below!

Hello Sandra and welcome to Consid! You are one of our new trainees, what caught your interest in joining Consid Next Level Academy?

– I browsed video interviews with previous trainees and immediately felt that ‘this is something I want to be a part of’. As a trainee at Consid, I get a mentor throughout the program while getting the chance to participate in relevant training, so it will be a perfect start to my career!

We meet an thrilled Sandra at our office in Stockholm. This is where she will work together with other trainees and IT consultants, learn new things and have fun.

– The fact that Consid and the trainee program Next Level Academy have received many awards and prizes, makes me feel that I have joined a great company, she says happily.

Consid Next Level Academy has been awarded as one of Sweden’s most attractive trainee programs – according to the students themselves.

Straight from computer engineering at KTH Royal Institute of Technology

Sandra arrives at Consid right after from her studies at KTH Royal Institute of Technology. But she notes that it was actually only a few years before she “dared to embark on an education in computer science”.

– At first I was a little unsure if computer technology really was the right path for me, since the majority of those who study the education are boys. I didn’t feel like I fit in. But I’ve always enjoyed math and problem solving. So when I realized that programming is also a form of problem solving with room to be creative, I got hooked.

– In 10 years, I also believe that we will have a more equal IT industry and that there will be as many women as men studying IT in Sweden.

Now there is no doubt that system development is perfect for Sandra. She lights up when she speaks about further specializing in the field.

– But I’m sure I’ll discover more areas within the field and get the chance to learn plenty.

Teaching young people programming

Sandra’s passion for programming and technology has also resulted in other young people to develop their skills. Within the non-profit organization Hello World, she teaches programming.

– I think that all children interested in programming and technology should have the chance to learn more. I want to be a role model when it comes to these topics and show that it is something that everyone can learn, no matter who you are.

What are your top three tips for young people who are considering a career in tech?

  1. Be brave enough to start and believe in yourself! It can be difficult in the beginning, when you are learning something new, but if you are stubborn it will pay off.

  2. Ask for help! There are lots of people who already work in tech, get in touch with someone and ask questions. Linkedin is a great site for finding different companies and people who work in the industry.

  3. Learning to program can feel overwhelming and it can be difficult to know where to start, but the truth is that where your start doesn’t matter because once you learn one programming language it becomes easier to learn another.

Before Sandra continues her first day as a trainee at Consid, we take the opportunity to ask about her expectations of the trainee program.

– I will learn lots of new things while I will get the chance to get to know many ambitious and smart people. It will be a great environment to develop in. I’m super excited, concludes Sandra and joins the group of new trainees.

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