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Meet Erica Dahlberg

Business Line Manager, Embedded

Erica Dahlberg, Business Line Manager, Embedded Consid
We welcome Erica Dahlberg - with great competence and forward-thinking, she will continue to build Consid's Embedded business. What has Erica's journey looked like to get to where she is today? What is she particularly proud of in her career? Why is she joining Consid within Embedded? And what does Consid offer Embedded developers who are eager for new challenges? Erica answers this, and more, as we visit her at Consid's office in Linköping.

Joins to expand Consid’s Embedded business

Erica Dahlberg is, as she puts it herself, “a consultant at heart and has tested the consultant life for 13 years” as a software developer, tester, team leader, Scrum Master, and project manager. With a drive and curiosity to “fulfill colleagues’ dreams,” Erica progressed to managerial roles at Etteplan – to recruit and sell within embedded systems for an additional 10 years.

– I am particularly proud of building consulting services within Embedded and embedded systems from just 7 to a full 150 employees. Creating growth and long-term relationships with clients and consultants. An example deal is when we developed Garo’s new charging stations in a comprehensive project – involving competencies focusing on embedded, cloud, battery, technical documentation, and electronics, says Erica, continuing:

– Moreover, it’s possible to build an Embedded business with at least 40 percent female employees. Because I’ve done that together with colleagues.

Erica highlights Consid’s commitment to both sustainability and equality as one of the reasons she’s joining us. That we at Consid, together with our customers and partners, are creating a sustainable future and working towards gender equality in the IT industry.

Erica Dahlberg, Business Line Manager, Embedded Consid

“Consid – great expertise and forward-thinking”

Alongside an impressive and eventful career, Erica’s drive and curiosity shine through her other interests. Brazilian jiu-jitsu and drill. With the motto ‘dare to ask,’ she has pursued even her own dreams – from vision to reality.

– I am the only one in all of Sweden who judges drill at an international level, such as the European Championships. To propel myself forward at full speed, I use my curiosity for people and my drive, notes Erica.

Once again, Erica is now stepping into new challenges. As Business Line Manager, she will make strategic decisions to increase growth within Consid’s Embedded area. This involves both recruitment and sales.

– Continuing to build the Embedded business in such a fine company as Consid, with great expertise and forward-thinking. That’s what I like most and excel at. What will make all the difference is my way of coaching, communicating, and daring, she says.

Erica leads the way and looks forward to all the business and teams we at Consid will create together.

– We at Consid offer Embedded developers who are eager for new professional challenges to be part of building the business, opening deals with customers, and becoming a key player. Here, there are all opportunities to take responsibility and grow. Uncharted territory will be explored, concludes Erica.

Erica Dahlberg, Business Line Manager, Embedded Consid


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