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Meet Samuel Zetterlund

Embedded Developer at Consid

Samuel Zetterlund, Embedded Developer at Consid working.
Join us as we visit Samuel Zetterlund at our office in Linköping. What drew him to Consid's focus on Embedded? And how does he view the opportunities within our Embedded area? Samuel shares the insights behind his choice and what Consid offers those who want to make a new mark. In addition, we get to know Samuel and his everyday life a little more, from test systems to the toaster.

Why Consid as an Embedded Developer?

In the autumn of 2023, Samuel Zetterlund began his journey as an Embedded Developer at Consid. He wanted to be part of shaping something new.

– I got a very good impression and feeling about Consid. The employees are very important, and here at Consid, we are highly valued. I was also attracted by the opportunity to shape Consid’s initiative in Embedded by continuing to develop healthy and well-functioning teams, shares Samuel Zetterlund.

It quickly becomes clear that Samuel values “good customer and employee relations” as a consultant. For instance, he is a former colleague of Erica Dahlberg, Consid’s new Business Line Manager within Embedded.

– My first years after education were spent at Väderstad, where I built control systems for precision seed drills. After that, I worked in-house developing, among other things, charging boxes for cars, electric chainsaws, medical aids for people with neurological diseases, and gateways for balancing the electrical grid with the help of enormous batteries. During the latter part of my 10 years at Etteplan, I mixed development with team leadership. I finished the last year as a Manager.

Porträtt på Samuel Zetterlund, Embedded-utvecklare på Consids kontor i Linköping.

What does a typical day look like for you as an Embedded Developer?

– In one of my projects, I hack C and Python code, solder and process signals with oscilloscopes, and so on. In my other project, I have a lot of customer and end-user contact, build test systems, and send packages with equipment we’ve built to different countries.

What Samuel appreciates the most about Consid is the freedom combined with our progressive spirit. Regardless of the industry, our embedded solutions can revolutionize the client’s work.

– I get to be part of something exciting from the beginning! It’s also important to me that what I do is meaningful, and I’m happiest when working on something that has a clear societal benefit. Or even better, when I see that someone else benefits and is helped by what I do.

Embedded Systems – From Test Systems to the Toaster

Even at home, Samuel’s focus on embedded systems is evident, alongside his passion for running.

– I’ve built quite a few home automation devices over the years to control different things. But the coolest thing I have at home, which I didn’t build myself and might not exactly be classified as an embedded system, is the toaster that imprints the ice hockey team Leksand IF emblem on the toast. That or my converted hamburger phone to Bluetooth headset. Jokes aside. My 3D printer and Google hubs combined with Telldus to schedule lighting and play music are also some favorites.

Samuel continues:

– In my free time, I spend a lot of time with my family and like to do sports. Most of all, running in forests and mountains – I enjoy being out in nature.

Samuel Zetterlund, Embedded-utvecklare på Consid arbetar med inbyggda system.

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