Native apps and Cross-platform solutions

How to tell the difference and make the right choice

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What’s the difference between a Native and Cross-platform app? We’ll guide you to the solution that fits your needs.

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Apps for Android and iPhone

A Native app has been developed for a specific platform. Back in 2007 when iPhone and Android were first launched, a Native app was the obvious choice. Today there are a number of platform-independent models available; so called Cross-platform solutions. Apps can be built using various frameworks and technologies. An app also needs several backend services and administration tools to manage databases, files, and users.

What is a Native app?

The most common platforms for Native apps are the operating systems iOS and Android. Though Native apps can be developed in different ways, the most frequently used tool for developing iOS apps is Swift, and Kotlin for Android apps.

What does Cross platform mean?

The purpose of a Cross-platform solution is to create a joint codebase for apps that are used on more than one platform, for example both iOS and Android units. Common examples of a Cross-platform framework are Xamarin, React Native, and Flutter.

Let us guide you

Choosing the right technology is not easy – all platforms have pros and cons. As experts in mobile applications, we’ll start by listening to your needs and goals. Then we’ll take you through the benefits, limits, and consequences of each technology before we make a recommendation – always ensuring that you have the optimized solution.


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