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Discover how AI can streamline processes and empower employees to optimize your operations.

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Customized AI support from Consid

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is currently undergoing an exciting phase of development. With over two decades of experience, Consid has led the way in integrating AI across a wide range of operational areas. Through educational programs and close collaboration, we assist companies, based on their unique operations, to implement AI and make well-informed decisions regarding their entire digitalization journey. At Consid, we concentrate on developing solutions for specific challenges. We provide comprehensive AI support for your organization, including tailored strategy development, data management, technical consultancy, and system integration, as well as employee training. Our focus is on equipping you for both current and future opportunities with AI.

What is AI?

AI systems encompass everything from machine learning and natural language processing to generative AI and Robotic Process Automation (RPA). These technologies enable computers to analyze extensive data sets, draw conclusions, solve problems, and learn from experience, aiming to act and think in ways that resemble human intelligence.

Different AI techniques can assist with:

  • Conversational AI (customer support, personal assistants, dialogue tools)
  • Internal assistants and Automation
  • Image generation and analysis
  • Audio and speech processing
  • Data analysis and predictive models
  • Customization and recommendation systems
  • Smart search and semantic analyses

By integrating these technologies, we strive to create solutions that not only streamline rule-based tasks through RPA but also enhance our ability to communicate and innovate.

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AI and the Employee

AI is much more than just a technical upgrade; it is part of a strategic transformation that impacts every part of the organization. Successful implementations of artificial intelligence always adopt a holistic perspective where technology and employees interact.

As we navigate through the digital transformation era, it becomes evident that successful implementation of artificial intelligence in businesses requires more than just technical excellence. It demands a profound understanding of how these technologies affect and improve the employer experience and the daily lives of employees. AI is not only a tool for streamlining processes and increasing productivity but also a catalyst for creating a more engaging, satisfying, and dynamic work environment for our employees.

To maximize the effectiveness of AI implementation, there must be an understanding and knowledge of the new technology throughout the entire company – among every employee.

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AI and Data

In a world where artificial intelligence (AI) is reshaping the business landscape, access to and the quality of data are crucial. Data is the foundation for all AI initiatives, requiring it to be not only available but also of high quality – relevant, accurate, and without biases. At Consid, we recognize the importance of a strong data foundation and work closely with our customers to ensure their data platforms meet these criteria. We assist in developing strategies for effective development and governance, which is critical for creating value-generating and efficient AI solutions.

By focusing on data, we can together foster innovation and create sustainable value with AI.

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Begin Your AI Journey

Every company is unique, and like other aspects of the digitalization journey, one size does not fit all. It can, therefore, be challenging to understand where to begin AI implementation. Consid helps companies understand the applications of AI and, together with the client, develops the solution and platform that best integrates with the rest of their operations based on their problems and challenges.

Learn the basics of AI and discover its potential for your business.

Identify your problems, and subsequently, the opportunities where AI can streamline and improve processes, empower your employees, and optimize your operations.

We create an action plan for integrating AI into your business.

Accelerate with AI

Ready to take the next step? We help you design and implement an AI strategy that accelerates your digital transformation.

Develop a detailed AI roadmap that aligns with your business goals.

We build and integrate customized AI bots and automated systems into your existing infrastructure, and assist companies that have already implemented an AI platform to realize its full potential.

Our team supports you throughout the process, from training to optimizing your AI solutions.

Lead in Digital Innovation

Let us be your long-term AI partner. Together with our partners, we ensure that companies always have access to and knowledge of the latest developments in AI.

Ensure you have a solid platform of quality data.

Utilize AI and Machine Learning for sharper insights based on your data.

Connect to our network of transformation experts to share insights and develop new ideas.

The digital landscape is rapidly evolving and is sure to continue in that direction. Through a long-term partnership, we ensure that you remain at the forefront of the latest digital developments.

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