Mobile architecture and infrastructure

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Choosing the right technical structure and infrastructure is critical for a successful app project. We’ll help you maximise the performance and stability of your apps, while enabling efficient management.

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Finding the ideal architecture

When forming a digital offer to the end users, the foundation is often the mobile application. Our customers often have an idea of several applications in various frameworks and platforms; and this leads to a diversity of requirements regarding development, management, competence, technical architecture, and infrastructure.

We’ll guide you through this jungle and help you make well-grounded and smart, sustainable decisions. For example, we’ll help you define joint code bases and modules between different development teams or set up technical strategies for facilitating stability and efficiency.

Mobile architecture

Simply put, there is a defined set-up of patterns and techniques for creating a well-functioning app. This set-up is based on supplier requirements and industry standards and includes specific elements that we select according to your need of functions.

The corner stones of the architecture are the presentation, navigation, and service level. That is, what will the app look like, how will the user find the way through the app, and how will the app communicate when it comes to server connection, logic, storage, and so on.

Mobile infrastructure

Mobile apps are so much more than what you see in your cellphone; most of the times the app is part of a much larger infrastructure. It could be a business system or a backend server that the app needs to connect to, as well as an identification solution, a database, web-based storage, or an administration interface.

This means that the app is far from an isolated unit; it is part of a vast infrastructure that contains and supports numerous components.

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