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Consid helps you build a sustainable digital business by focusing on value. Our dedicated team monitors industry trends and provides data-driven advice to help fuel your growth strategy.

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At Consid, we focus on developing your digital business while placing a strong emphasis on business value. Through monitoring the industry and trend spotting we help you identify emerging trends that enable you to maintain a forward-looking and effective digital presence. Our team is dedicated to boosting your profitability, drawing on our extensive Commerce experience to tailor success-driven solutions.

Martin Smolka

Senior E-commerce Strategist

Digital business, increased profitability.

With Consid's five cornerstones as our foundation, we specialize in business development and digital strategy. We work on attracting and converting customers, as well as maximizing customer value through sustainable digital business structures.

We are here to help you map out your digital journey and walk you through every step of your transformation process.

We enhance your business by converting your social media audience into loyal customers, all while fine-tuning and simplifying your digital business strategy.

After collaborating with you to define your digital infrastructure requirements, our experts will advise on technology that will enable you to define and achieve your goals

We help you attract new customers, drive more traffic, increase awareness, and more effectively convey your message by leveraging digital marketing best practices in SEO, SEM and SoMe (Social Media).

We collaborate with you to enhance customer value, improve the customer experience, and foster customer loyalty with a focus on nurturing sustainable relationships.

Jula Holding strengthens digital presence with Sitevision intranet.

In 2021, Jula Holding Group advanced its digital strategy by implementing a unified intranet platform, marking a milestone in its digital advancement. With seven companies spanning retail, real estate, finance, logistics, hotel, environmental, and energy sectors, including renowned brands like Jula and Hööks, this initiative now empowers over 4,500 employees to harness the potential of the new intranet, fostering seamless collaboration and enhancing efficiency across the entire group. Consid and Jula Holding have jointly developed the new intranet based on the Sitevision platform.

Over the past two years of development, several challenges have driven strong collaboration in defining the intranet’s potential. The new system, leveraging Sitevision’s personalization engine, enables efficient targeted communication and information dissemination to employees, thereby enhancing work processes. Alexander Gustafsson, Business Development Manager for Sitevision at Consid, emphasizes the platform’s ability to meet user-friendliness requirements and fulfill the expectations of employees accustomed to modern digital interfaces.

Julas intranät

Explore the successes of Jula's intranet platform

Customer website of Elitfönster drives profitability

The leading window manufacturer in Sweden, Elitfönster, has launched their new website. One of the latest additions among several new digital platforms in recent years. The goal was to improve the customer experience and to make it easier to buy windows.

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Elitfönsters nya kundwebb, mobil och laptop

Rebecca Börebäck: Expert in Digital Business and Customer Satisfaction

At Consid, we work with experienced specialists in commerce. Rebecca Börebäck is dedicated to helping companies generate value through their digital initiatives. She also collaborates with Consid’s collective team of experts to maximize results. Rebecca Börebäck’s expertise in Customer Experience and Commerce spans 15 years, with an additional 5 years of experience in distance selling. She has held leadership positions such as CEO of Contentor, Head of After Sales and Head of Customer Experience at Bygghemma Sweden, and CEO of Nordic E-commerce.

I have always worked in companies that prioritize the customer – where the value of customer satisfaction is a key metric. My responsibilities have included both building and driving companies, as well as roles where I have focused on customer experience and satisfaction.” – Rebecca Börebäck Contact Rebecca for expertise on creating measurable and delightful customer journeys, optimizing CX and commerce in today’s business climate, and identifying emerging commerce trends and innovations.

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Contact Rebecca for expertise on creating measurable and delightful customer journeys, optimizing CX and commerce in today's business climate, and identifying emerging commerce trends and innovations.
Rebecca Börebäck, Domain Specialist CX & Commerce

Rebecca Börebäck

Domain Specialist within Customer Experience & Commerce

+46 735 41 66 01

Partners & platforms

Partners & platforms

We work with some of the world's leading organisations to deliver world-class digital solutions. Read more about our partners and platforms here.

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Coop's Scan & Pay enables fast self-scanning and check-out

We helped Coop develop Scan & Pay. Consid is now tasked with maintaining and further developing services in the Scan & Pay app.

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Coop's new Scan & Pay application on an iPhone in the hand of a person.

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