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Are you looking to enhance your own or your employees' skills?

We are happy to help you get all your employees up to speed in the ever-growing digitalisation field. We offer a wide range of courses for closed groups at companies and organizations, tailored to your needs.

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The pace of technological development is ever-increasing, and sometimes current skills and experiences are not enough. We can help your entire team stay up to speed, either through tailor-made courses or our existing course offerings, including certification preparation. Our courses cover Microsoft 365, Agile methodologies, ISTQB, Accessibility, and UX, equipping you and your colleagues with the knowledge and practical tools to achieve your long-term business goals.

By 2025, the World Economic Forum predicts that 85 million jobs will disappear, while 97 million new jobs will emerge due to digitalization, automation, and new technology. A single education is no longer sufficient for a lifetime of work, which is why continuous upskilling and reskilling are vital. Being a learning organization has become a significant competitive advantage for companies in all industries, and we believe in learning from each other. With skilled trainers and practical learning, we design time-efficient educational solutions that ensure the relevance of your employees and your business’s competitiveness.

We practice what we preach

At Consid, we value continuing to educate our employees, which is why we have invested in our internal training program consisting of 20 courses that all employees can sign up for depending on their needs and interests. We also run an award-winning trainee program where we capture new talents and further educate them while they are on assignments with our clients. Through these initiatives, we ensure that our employees stay updated and find new paths and opportunities.

Our learning solutions

Ready-made courses

We offer 30+ educational modules specifically designed to match the need for competence transfer in various types of organizations. Choose courses based on your needs, prerequisites, and goals. The courses are conducted interactively digitally and/or on-site, and certification preparation courses are included.

Tailor-made education

Our tailor-made education solutions are designed in collaboration with you to seamlessly meet the needs specific to your business. It can be about upskilling, where employees deepen their expertise in their specific field, or reskilling, where employees broaden their knowledge in new or related areas.

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Skills development is now more important than ever in an industry that is constantly evolving. Let our experienced trainers help you reach your full potential.

Charlotte Magnusson, Head of Education at Consid

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Higher Vocational Education

Collaborating to evolve

We collaborate with Higher Vocational Educations in order to enhance the digital knowledge level in our society. Learn more here.

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