Consid Continues to Make Progress in Germany – Unveils New Office in Speicherstadt

The inaugural twelve months of Consid, the Nordic IT powerhouse, in Germany have culminated in resounding success. Throughout the year, the freshly established German arm has not only secured pivotal business deals but has also made its mark on a more personal level. Recent accolades include Consid GmbH being named Hamburg's second-best employer, and the unveiling of the new office at St. Annenufer 5.

Patrik Hall, CEO of Consid’s German branch, expresses enthusiasm about the new office, stating, “The space is exceptional, meeting all our current needs in terms of size and offering us the flexibility to expand.”

In September, the team took residence in the historic Speicherstadt premises. An exuberant and well-attended inauguration party recently took place, with Consid’s founders, Peter Hellgren and Henrik Sandell, joining the celebration.

Peter Hellgren, Consid’s CEO, remarks, “Travelling to our various offices and witnessing their progress, particularly in a crucial location like Hamburg, is both thrilling and enlightening. Our ambition is crystal clear: to become one of Northern Europe’s leading IT companies. Hamburg and the German market play a pivotal role in realizing this vision.”

The office inauguration with around 90 people attending was an example of the successful journey of Consid in Germany. Lena Fahrenkrug, Head of Sales, said: “A big thank you goes to the amazing planning team and every helping hand, who made this evening possible. It was such a nice event, meeting in a more relaxed environment and celebrating our latest achievements.”

Reflecting on the successful evening some Consid consultants shared their impressions:

“The atmosphere was warm and familial, with friends and family in attendance.”

“It was an evening that infused energy”.

“Meeting some of our clients in a relaxed, semi-private setting was delightful—it deepens our understanding of them and fortifies our relationship with Consid and its brand.”

Consid has much to celebrate – not just the new premises – but also its remarkable achievement of being ranked among Germany’s top employers within a year of its launch. Golem.de’s survey in late October positioned Consid as the eighth-best employer in Germany and the second-best in Hamburg, an undeniable testament to its prowess.

Patrik Hall concludes, “This achievement underscores that we are on the right trajectory. What we have cultivated in Sweden resonates here. The Consid approach, influenced by the ethos of Swedish corporate culture, emphasizes flat organizational structures and prioritizes the mental and physical well-being of our employees. We observe a genuine curiosity about our business practices and a deep appreciation from our German team members who are encountering it for the first time.”

Consid ranked as one of Germany's best employers

Consid is ranked as one of Germany's best employers. This comes just under a year after the company expanded to Germany.
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Consid's acceleration continues in Germany after a remarkable start. Get to know Lena Fahrenkrug, our enthusiastic, structured, and curious Head of Sales at Consid in Germany.
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Speicherstadt, Hamburg, Germany


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