Triumph at Consid’s Takeover of Stockholm City Hall

Saturday night marked the grandeur of the Consid Gala 2023. A gathering of 1500 individuals from Consid, external partners, and esteemed award winners convened at Stockholm City Hall to revel in this year's triumphs in both the company and the realm of digital development.

Mottagaren av Warchild award 2023, Vanna Rosenberg, lyfte fram vikten av att prata med barn även om obehagliga och mörka ämnen.
Frida Boisen tog emot Årets digitala hederspris för sitt arbete mot psykisk ohälsa.

– Undoubtedly, this was one of the most triumphant Consid Galas to date. It’s truly fantastic to host such a celebration for our employees. At Consid, we relish in commemorating our successes, and despite the challenging global landscape, we reflect on an exceptional 2023. We’ve secured our position as a Gazelle company for the tenth time, a Career company for the ninth, clinched the title of Sweden’s best employer for the third consecutive year, and are poised to surpass a turnover of 2.6 billion for the year. This, coupled with the incredible colleagues who make it all possible, was cause for celebration,” enthused Consid’s CEO and founder, Peter Hellgren.

Approximately 1500 individuals graced Stockholm City Hall for the annual Consid Gala. The atmosphere was electric, charged with a palpable sense of anticipation and marked by numerous joyous reunions.

– As a sizable company employing nearly 2000 individuals, orchestrating an evening where we can physically connect is incredibly gratifying and a pivotal aspect of the occasion. In times like these, amid a tumultuous global landscape, it feels especially rewarding to gather with those we hold dear and commemorate the shared successes,” articulated Peter Hellgren.

Seven awards were bestowed, encompassing internal accolades such as Region of the Year, outstanding projects, Consid Ambassador, and Employee of the Year. External recognitions included distinctions like eQualizer of the Year, digital rising stars, digital influencer of the Year, alongside the War Child awards, presented in collaboration with the children’s rights organization, War Child.

The jubilation in the Blue Hall was boundless as the evening’s emcee, Björn Gustafsson, unveiled the nominees for the internal awards. Region Northern Norrland claimed the Region of the Year honor, Sofia Hjorth and Julia Ahlstrand secured the titles of Employee of the Year and Consid Ambassador, respectively, and the Garbo project team emerged victorious as Project of the Year.

– The entire evening is dedicated to celebrating our endeavors – both within the company and in collaboration with our clients. Truthfully, all the nominees deserve to bask in the applause, accolades, and cheers. Being part of such a dynamic machinery is immensely gratifying,” shared Amanda Heldring, the project manager for the Consid Gala.

Among the external awardees, Loreen was crowned eQualizer of the Year, Nastaran Baleng-Soultani as the digital rising star of the Year, Josef Fares named the digital influencer of the Year, Frida Boisen received the digital honorary award of the Year for her contributions to mental health awareness, and Vanna Rosenberg received the War Child award for amplifying the voices of children.

– The evening could not have unfolded more seamlessly. The post-event reactions have been incredibly uplifting; everyone is thoroughly pleased with the festivities. It’s a testament to the extensive and diligent effort put into making it all come together,” remarked Amanda Heldring.

Amanda Heldring.
Peter Hellgren, CEO Consid
Peter Hellgren, vd på Consid

Josef Fares Honored as Digital Influencer of the Year

The award for Digital Influencer of the Year is annually presented to an individual who, through digital means, has demonstrated significant entrepreneurship, commitment, and has admirably left a mark in the digital sphere. On Saturday evening, Josef Fares was bestowed with this prestigious accolade at Blåhallen in Stockholm City Hall.
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She Took a Stand Against Mental Health Challenges – Frida Boisen Receives Recognition

For her commitment and open-minded courage related to the mental health of young individuals, Frida Boisen is honoured with the prestigious Digital Honour of the Year Award. The award ceremony took place at Stockholm City Hall on Saturday evening.
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Vanna Rosenberg is honored with the War Child Award

The War Child Award for this year is presented to Vanna Rosenberg for her outstanding efforts to make life more beautiful and better for children around the world. The award ceremony took place at a gala in Stockholm City Hall on November 12.
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