Consid ranked as one of Germany’s best employers

Consid has been ranked as one of Germany's best employers. This comes just under a year after the company expanded to Germany. It's a significant recognition for the company, which has been a recipient of this award in Sweden.

Patrik Hall
Patrik Hall, CEO Consid GmbH
Lars Napret
Lars Napret, Regional Manager Hamburg.

– We realized early on that we would take the formula that made us successful in Sweden and apply it to the German market. What we have done on the home front has made us Sweden’s best employer for three consecutive years, and it undoubtedly seems to be working here in Germany as well,” says Patrik Hall, CEO of Consid GmbH.

When the IT site Golem.de released its ranking of Germany’s best employers, Consid was at the top. The newcomer is ranked as Hamburg’s second-best employer with top-ten placements in both the IT industry and overall nationally. Nationally, Consid ranks as the eighth-best employer.

This is of great significance for us at Consid in Germany, and we are very proud of this recognitio. We are relatively new to Hamburg and Germany, but we are a company with over 20 years of experience. The competence and experience within the company are fantastic assets when it comes to building up a new office in a new country. The culture and working environment we have managed to establish in the office are a collective effort, says Lars Napret, Regional Manager Hamburg.

The award is a confirmation of the excellent start Consid has had in Germany. Several major agreements are already in place, and this autumn, Consid moved into new exclusive premises in Spierstadt. Shortly, the gender equality platform “Q by Consid” will also be launched on a large scale in Germany.

It is interesting that the company that landed in first place in Hamburg was Vattenfall.

– It is undeniably exciting that two Swedish companies are at the top in Hamburg. After Golem.de recognized us as one of Germany’s top ten employers, Swedish corporate culture has gained attention in Germany. The expectation that everyone should work overtime is a widespread issue in the German IT industry. In Sweden, we have more focus on finding a balance between work and leisure, says Lars Napret.

Consid’s founder and CEO, Peter Hellgren, is incredibly happy with the award.

– The Hamburg office has become a reflection of what we want to achieve when we open a new office abroad. We have quickly established ourselves as one of Hamburg’s and Germany’s top IT companies, and we notice a growing interest in what we do from both competitors and customers. Hamburg and Germany are incredibly important parts of our goal to become the largest IT company in northern Europe, says Peter Hellgren.

Speicherstadt, Hamburg, Germany

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Speicherstadt, Hamburg, Germany


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