Coop's Scan & Pay enables fast self-scanning and check-out

Coop's new Scan & Pay application on an iPhone in the hand of a person.
Consid was part of the team involved in the development of Coop’s Scan and Pay function. Read more here.

The challenge

Consid’s Mobility department has had Coop as a customer for 12 years where among other things, we have been part of the digital team and developed various app solutions.

Two years ago, Consid was involved in the initiation of a project to create and develop Coop’s Scan & Pay. The app enables the customer to scan their goods and check out autonomously. After this, the customer then receives a receipt and barcode for gates, directly in their mobile. The app is fully integrated with background systems such as virtual cash register systems.

The task included integration with background systems, identification of which store the customer is shopping in and loading of data from bar codes that are verified in Coop’s own databases.

The result

The customer can make the purchase entirely autonomously in the app, which simplifies the customer’s shopping experience. The result is that the customer can go from app-start to payment with, for example, Swish, with just a few simple keystrokes on their phone. Now the customer can easily leave the store without having to queue or pick up and leave a hand scanner. The app also automatically detects which store the customer is in.

Through the development of the Scan & Pay app, Coop has also laid the foundation for communication with customers to now take place in a more personalised way, where they can also direct offers during the visit to the store.

It feels fun to be part of the journey and part of the team to develop Coop’s Scan & Pay app, says Martin Alléus, developer of the project from Consid.

Consid is now tasked with maintaining and further developing services in the Scan & Pay app.

About Coop

Coop is one of Sweden’s largest grocery store chains with roughly 800 stores from Katterjåkk in the north to Smygehamn in the south and an online store where you can shop at no extra cost. Coop’s stores are owned by their 3.7 million members.

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