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Jula Holding is advancing digitally with a new intranet for the entire conglomerate. Over the past nearly two years, in collaboration with Consid, they have been challenging the boundaries of what an intranet is and can be. The newly developed intranet, built on the Sitevision platform, now paves the way for collaboration and synergies throughout the entire conglomerate, enabling all employees to become effective communicators. "This is a significant component of our organizational development, and we anticipate that communication will be fortified across all levels within the conglomerate," remarks Eleonor Eriksson, a communications professional at Jula.

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The Challenge

In 2021, Jula Holding took a significant stride in its digital transformation journey by adopting a new shared intranet platform. Jula Holding, a family-owned conglomerate operating in retail, real estate, finance, logistics, hospitality, and environmental and energy sectors, comprises seven companies: Jula, Hööks, Jula Logistics, G&K Blanks Fastigheter, Wästgöta Finans, Jula Miljö & Energi, and Jula Hotell. Presently, around 4,500 employees work within the conglomerate.

Jula was transitioning from a previous intranet and had spent many years striving to reduce email dependency while establishing clear communication channels. Magnus Ljung, Jula Holding’s Communications Chief, stated at the outset of the project that the intranet’s goal was to be “a single point of information,” facilitating the consumption of both global and local, as well as team-specific information.

The Solution

In collaboration with Jula Holding, Consid has developed the new intranet with the Sitevision platform as its foundation. Consid boasts extensive experience in similar solutions, having served clients like IVC Evidensia and Skistar.

– For nearly two years, we have been engaged in an ongoing project where, together, we’ve pushed the boundaries of what an intranet is and what it can be, explained Carl-Johan Edberg, a project resource at Jula.

The new intranet incorporates numerous features and information flows, harnessing the full potential of Sitevision’s personalization engine. This ensures that the right information reaches the right employees on the appropriate devices at the right time. Targeted information is now disseminated to employees several times a week, equipping them to perform their roles more effectively.

– Creating an intranet that doesn’t contribute to unnecessary noise for employees while carefully selecting the right audience for information is a challenge. Moreover, building an intranet that meets the usability expectations employees are accustomed to from social media, apps, and e-commerce websites used in their daily lives is an additional challenge, one that the Sitevision platform has much to offer, commented Alexander Gustafsson, Business Development Manager for Sitevision at Consid.

The Outcome

– In terms of the conglomerate perspective, the greatness of our intranet lies in the representation of all our conglomerate companies on our new intranet, emphasized Eleonor Eriksson, a communications professional at Jula.

A fundamental cornerstone of Jula Holding’s corporate ethos is collaboration and synergy. To facilitate collaboration, it’s crucial to connect with one another. Catrine Dahlberg, who works as a group leader and store associate, sees substantial advantages in the new intranet, providing fast, direct, and straightforward communication channels:

– We receive clear information and can relay precise information to our employees from our leadership team. At Jula, we operate in a highly mobile manner, so having the new intranet accessible on mobile devices is incredibly convenient. If I need information while on the shop floor, I can access it instantly on our handheld devices, noted Catrine Dahlberg.

– The partnership and development journey will continue for a long time ahead, and we have quite extensive plans for the coming twelve months. We will continue to enhance our intranet, making it even better for both our in-store and office-based employees, concluded Carl-Johan Edberg, a project resource at Jula.

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