Summary of 2023

Consid's journey of success during the record-breaking year of 2023

Thanks to all employees, customers, and partners for yet another record year

At Consid, we love celebrating successes, and despite the challenging global situation, we can look back on a strong 2023, which goes down in history as another record year for Consid. The highlights are many, but here, we celebrate and reflect on selected highlights from the year one last time for 2023. With great optimism, we look forward to 2024, convinced that we will reach even greater heights.

How has Consid performed in 2023?

Consid started the first half of 2023 strongly – going against the tide. We continued to increase our turnover by a whopping 30.7 percent, equivalent to SEK 1360 million, and entered into several significant strategic framework agreements. Peter Hellgren, CEO of Consid, attributes the success largely to Consid’s strong corporate culture:

“When you create a workplace together with employees and let everyone’s different qualities and competencies take place, not only will each individual person develop, but the entire organization will also evolve.”

In the third quarter of 2023, we once again delivered a very strong turnover growth, despite a weaker economy in Sweden and globally. Turnover increased by nearly 17 percent, reaching SEK 524 million.

At the end of November, it also became clear that November 2023 would be Consid’s best sales month ever. Despite a continuously challenging market for the entire IT industry, Consid achieved a 35 percent better sales month in November than the previous one. Peter Hellgren, CEO of Consid, says:

“I am incredibly proud of what Consid has achieved in the record year 2023. We will exceed SEK 2.6 billion in turnover for the year.”

Over the past two decades, including the year 2023, we have helped over 1200 clients overcome digital challenges. We are experts in digital transformation, communication, and development. We assist companies and organizations in realizing their visions through sustainable digitization. We are there from strategy to goal – from idea to reality.

Some of the challenges we have overcome together with our clients through innovative digital solutions.

What has Consid been awarded and recognized for in 2023?

The awards we have had the honor to receive during the year, as a result of fantastic collaboration with our employees, customers, and partners, are:

  • DI Gasell for a decade
  • Sweden’s best employer for 3 consecutive years
  • Career Company for the 9th year in a row
  • “Employer Branding Company of the Year”
  • Optimizely’s “Rising Star Solution Partner of the Year”
  • Go Global Award
  • One of Germany’s best employers
  • “Sitecore Experience Award: EMA Most Powerful Tech Stack Integration”
  •  Sitevision Award: Best Intranet
  • “Sitevision’s Most Valuable Professionals 2023”
  • “Visionary App Development Company of the Year 2023”
  • “Founders of the Year Award”
  • One of Sweden’s best trainee programs
  • “Young Professionals 2023”
  • Agency of the Year: One of Sweden’s absolute strongest brand agencies
  • Peter Hellgren – Most Influential in Tech 2023

Where has Consid expanded in 2023?

Poland became Consid’s first international establishment of the year. Specifically, Warsaw, a hub for skilled programmers and IT personnel. Our expansion into the Polish market is driven by increased demand and the opportunity to be part of the thriving Polish tech market. After two years of record establishments in Norway, Denmark, Germany – and in 2023, Poland – it was also time for Consid to establish its presence in Finland. Over the past 30 years, Finland has been at the forefront of digitization and technological development, creating a competitive IT market that is very inspiring for us at Consid to be a part of.

In Sweden, we expanded our presence by opening offices in Lidköping and Umeå. Throughout the year, we also moved into new spaces and expanded several of our existing meeting places. For example, we inaugurated an additional 360 square meters at the headquarters in Jönköping, Sweden, after outgrowing our existing 1100 square meters, celebrating with a joyful event.

View from the balcony at Consid's head office in Jönköping.

What initiatives have we strengthened at Consid in 2023?

Considition: Coca-Cola in Sweden x Consid

Considition, one of Sweden’s largest hackathons, was organized this year in collaboration with Coca-Cola in Sweden. A record number of teams – 210 in total – from 70 different cities in 22 different countries competed to find the best AI solution to reduce the environmental impact of single-use packaging in the beverage industry. The winner was Mathias Berg with the team name ToiletInc from Sundsvall, a true Considition veteran. Congratulations!

Gender Equality Platform Q by Consid

We have continued to lead the way for women in the tech industry through our gender equality platform, Q by Consid – in 2023, also on an international scale. In 2023, the mentorship program for women and non-binary individuals, Q Mentoria, set a record with a total of 100 participants. Q by Consid has persistently worked towards a gender-equal and inclusive tech industry – for real. This includes spreading awareness about myths within the tech industry and highlighting the LGBTQIA+ community’s common struggle for equal rights. Through our Q Meets, we have gathered over a thousand women and non-binary individuals across Sweden to exchange experiences and inspire more to pursue a career in tech. Looking ahead to 2024, we will further escalate our efforts and continue to make a difference, ensuring that our future is built on gender-equal and inclusive values where everyone has space to be themselves.

Bring Your Child to Work Day

Over 200 children visited Consid’s offices during our tradition of “Bring Your Child to Work Day.” Instituted in 2018, the purpose of the themed day is to create an understanding of balance in life and between family members. This year, it was once again a highly appreciated day for both children and parents, featuring activities ranging from programming and Minecraft to pizza and table tennis.

SCEC – Swedish Corporate Esports Championship

We crowned Sweden’s best company in esports – after an intense week with a total of 80 competing teams and over 144 hours of gameplay, four teams were ready to compete for the victory. The matches reached a high level, featuring several unexpected turns and absolutely fantastic gaming experiences.

Almedalen – Cyber Warfare, Digital Transformation, and Gender Equality in the IT Industry

Consid had a packed week in Visby during Almedalen Week 2023. Russia’s attack on Ukraine was one of the major issues highlighted – and at Consid, we took it a step further by inviting one of the key figures from Kiev, Yegor Aushev, head of civilian cyber defense in Ukraine and CEO of Cyber Unit Technologies, Consid’s world-leading cybersecurity partner. At the same time, Consid participated in discussions on topics such as digitization, gender equality, remote work, and the public sector.

Agenda 2030 & Science Based Target Initiative

Sustainability is an integral part of Consid’s DNA. We strive to achieve the UN’s 17 global goals and prioritize 10 of them, where we believe Consid can make a particular contribution. As a member of the UN’s Global Compact initiative, we work to uphold international principles on human rights, labor rights, the environment, and anti-corruption. Additionally, we report to the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi) to establish our climate goals in line with scientific models. This year, the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi) has approved Consid’s climate goals. Thus, in 2023, Consid joins the companies worldwide at the forefront of combating climate change. Through our partnership with the children’s rights organization War Child, we ensure that our commitment also makes a practical impact by providing education, protection, and psychosocial support to children in war and conflict.

Considition 2023 team at the Stockholm officeYegor Aushev, a driving force behind Ukraine's cybersecurity and CEO of Cyber Unit Technologies, talking at a seminar in Almedalen
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How have we at Consid celebrated successes in 2023?

Consid Summer Party 2023

Not just once, but twice, we gathered the entire Consid team to celebrate our collective achievements. The “Consid Summer Party” took place at Hotel Tylösand – the ultimate summer party to show our appreciation for all the fantastic employees. It was the first time we organized a joint summer party of this nature and scale – and the concept was warmly embraced. Together, we enjoyed everything from sunny beach hangouts to lively “After Beach” singing, along with top-notch musical entertainment and a concert featuring none other than Danny Saucedo. Words cannot capture the magic of the Consid Summer Party – instead, check out our day.

The Consid Gala 2023

Consid once again took over Stockholm City Hall, along with external partners and award recipients, for the Consid Gala. Together, we celebrated this year’s successes within Consid and digital development. Among the external honorees, Loreen was recognized as the eQualizer of the Year, Nastaran Baleng-Soultani as the Digital Rising Star of the Year, and Josef Fares was named the Digital Influencer of the Year. Frida Boisen received the Digital Honorary Award for her work on mental health, and Vanna Rosenberg was honored with the War Child Award for her efforts in amplifying children’s voices.

The excitement in the Blue Hall when the evening’s host, Björn Gustafsson, announced the nominees for the internal awards knew almost no bounds. Region Norra Norrland won the award for Region of the Year, Sofia Hjorth and Julia Ahlstrand each received recognition as Employee of the Year and Consid Ambassador, respectively. The project team for Garbo took home the Project of the Year award.

Being able to organize an experience like the Consid Gala – where we can physically come together – is incredibly enjoyable. In times like these, with a shaken world, it feels particularly satisfying to gather people we care about and celebrate the successes we have achieved together. Look back on the Consid Gala 2023 with us.

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