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Q by Consid is Consid's community for gender equality - a platform through which we work to increase gender equality and inclusion in the tech industry. Tech and IT are building the future of society, and we want to ensure that this future is based on inclusive and gender-equal values.


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Northern Europe’s greatest community for gender equality in the tech industry

Q by Consid is the leading community for gender equality in the IT industry and tech-related professions in Northern Europe – a meeting place for inspiration, knowledge sharing, and networking.

The role of digitization in societal development has already proven to be significant and is likely to continue reshaping societal structures, the economy, and how we live. At the same time, the IT and tech industry grapples with significant gender equality issues and currently consists of just over 30 percent women. This underrepresentation has a negative impact not only on the industry itself but on society as a whole and poses risks to future infrastructure.

We aim to change this at Q by Consid! We do so through both national and local efforts, where we work to alter structures and norms within the industry and inspire more women and non-binary individuals to pursue careers in IT and tech. Through our initiatives Q Balance, Q Community, Q Meet, Q Mentoria and eQualizer, we strive to create communities for inspiration and knowledge exchange, influence public opinion on the topic, and provide education to help shape an IT industry and future where innovation and equality have a rightful place.

Our work is carried out locally by Q by Consid ambassadors and local representatives in over 40 locations across Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Germany, and Poland.

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Where equality may take place - for an equal tech industry

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Q Mentoria

Mentorship in the tech industry

Are you looking for a mentor in the tech industry? Read more about our mentorship programme here.

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Q Meet

Events and meetings

Read more about our events within the framework of Q Meet.

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Q Balance

It starts with us - for an equal corporate culture

Read more about to how we enhance gender equality and promote inclusivity within Consid.

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Rewarding gender equality in tech

Read more about how we raise and reward gender equality role models in the industry.

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Q Community

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