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Less Small Talk – More Deep Talk

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Equality and inclusion have been foundational pillars of Consid's operations since its establishment. Ahead of International Women's Day 2024, we have dedicated a week to focus on discussions about mental health and a healthy workplace. This initiative has been active across our offices and through Consid's social media channels. The theme? "Less Small Talk – More Deep Talk.". But our so called "Equality Week" is just a minor component of a much larger daily effort. Here we persist in breaking norms and structures that might be discriminatory or exclusionary. Our aim is to cultivate an environment where every individual feels valued and is encouraged to share their challenges and experiences. Among other objectives, we highlight how you and your surroundings can manage feelings and situations resulting from inequality and exclusion. Asserting that the journey towards gender equality and inclusion begins with ourselves.

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Discussions on Mental Health and a Healthy Workplace

Imposter Syndrome at work

Do you ever feel inadequately competent despite contradictory evidence? The phenomenon known as “Imposter Syndrome”, often leads to persistent self-criticism and an escalating fear of being exposed as a fraud.

How can I manage this feeling?

  • Challenge your thoughts by reflecting on the facts and evidence of your achievements. 
  • Sharing your feelings can help you gain perspective and support. 
  • Allow yourself to make mistakes and see them as opportunities to learn and grow. 

In Consid’s podcast “Utveckla” we explore insights from university lecturer Andreas Larsson on this subject. He elucidates in Swedish why “Imposter Syndrome” might serve as a positive force, propelling us to continually step out of our comfort zones. 


In an era where professional life and personal ambitions are frequently intertwined, stress has become a prevalent issue. While stress responses are generally temporary, prolonged stress can be detrimental to health. According to Nationella folkhälsoenkäten 2022, Folkhälsomyndigheten, 15% of the Swedish population report feeling stressed. Stress is more prevalent among younger women.

Strategies for managing stress?

  • Take short breaks during the day. 
  • Establish a closing routine to be able to leave work behind at the end of the day. 
  • Express feelings of being overwhelmed and seeking assistance. 

Discover additional stress management tips shared by Consid’s followers.

Performance Anxiety 

The quest for perfection can trigger performance anxiety. The fear of failure and the prospect of disappointing yourself or others can manifest as anxiety. Therefore, take a moment to contemplate whether performance anxiety affects you. It’s crucial to remember that performance anxiety is a natural response rooted in the desire to belong. The decision to seek professional help for your performance anxiety should be based on the extent to which it impedes your ability to live the life you desire. Consid encourages you to also reflect on your strengths and best qualities. 

Exhaustion Syndrome 

Absence from work due to mental health issues has been steadily increasing since 2010 and today accounts för nearly half f all ongoing cases of illness, according to the Swedish Social Insurance Agency. This includes sick leaves due to stress and, specifically, Exhaustion syndrome. A condition resulting from severe stress combined with insufficient recovery. Exhaustion syndrome typically manifests both physically and mentally, making it crucial to seek medical advice if you suspect you have or are at risk of developing this condition. 

Contributing to Change 

Equality is about much more than just presenting an even gender distribution in an annual report. It demands active participation from everyone, striving together to create an equitable environment based on various parameters. At Consid, we have achieved this, and I hope this week can serve as inspiration for more companies to do the same. Our equality platform, Q by Consid, is dedicated to promoting inclusion and diversity in the tech industry. 

Equality, two people talking while sitting in the stairs.


Beyond Small Talk: Consid's Commitment to Inclusion and Mental Health During Equality Week

Ahead of International Women's Day on March 8, the IT company Consid focus to discussions about mental health and a healthy workplace. The week leading up to Friday is themed "Less Small Talk - More Deep Talk".

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Equality, two people sitting back to back in the stairs.


Q by Consid is Consid's community for gender equality - a platform through which we work for increased gender equality in the tech industry.

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Q by Consid

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