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Beyond Small Talk: Consid’s Commitment to Inclusion and Mental Health During Equality Week

Ahead of International Women's Day on March 8, the IT company Consid focus to discussions about mental health and a healthy workplace. The week leading up to Friday is themed "Less Small Talk - More Deep Talk,".

Peter Hellgren, CEO at Consid and Anna Edstedt, Head of Q by Consid
Peter Hellgren, CEO at Consid and Anna Edstedt, Head of Q by Consid

– Equality and inclusion have been integral to our core services from the start. Equality Week is just a minor component of a much larger daily effort, says Peter Hellgren, CEO of Consid.

Like in previous years, the tech company Consid is placing extra emphasis on issues related to equality and inclusion during the week leading up to International Women’s Day.

This year’s theme, “Less Small Talk – More Deep Talk,” aims to encourage genuine discussions and heightened awareness of mental health and well-being in the workplace. “Inclusion and gender equality start with us,” explains Anna Edstedt, head of Q by Consid, highlighting the importance of dismantling norms and structures that may be discriminatory or exclusive. The goal is to foster an environment where everyone feels welcome and valued, a goal towards which Consid passionately aspires.

– Equality is about much more than just presenting an even gender distribution in an annual report. It demands active participation from everyone, striving together to create an equitable environment based on various parameters. At Consid, we have achieved this, and I hope this week can serve as inspiration for more companies to do the same, says Anna Edstedt.

During the week, internal events for employees at Consid’s 40 offices are planned, as well as a larger Q Meet in Gothenburg that is open to everyone.

– Our Q Meets, organized throughout the Nordic region, aim to bring people together to inspire, share experiences, and educate on various topics related to equality and inclusion. On Thursday, we are hosting an inspiration evening with Nina Selander, CEO of Nevs, and Helena Trolläng, Police Chief & Head of the National Forensic Centre at the Swedish Police Authority, says Victoria Celick, local ambassador of Q by Consid in Gothenburg.

In Eskilstuna, a panel discussion will also be featured when the network Woman in Industry organizes a networking event aimed at showcasing male managers who have successfully embraced inclusion and diversity in their companies.

Since 2013, Consid’s equality platform, Q by Consid, has been dedicated to promoting inclusion and diversity in the tech industry. Through initiatives like Q Meets, mentorship programs, educational sessions, and awards, they strive to effect change.

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