Vanna Rosenberg is honored with the War Child Award

The War Child Award for this year is presented to Vanna Rosenberg for her outstanding efforts to make life more beautiful and better for children around the world. The award ceremony took place at a gala in Stockholm City Hall on November 12.

Mottagaren av Warchild award 2023, Vanna Rosenberg, lyfte fram vikten av att prata med barn även om obehagliga och mörka ämnen.

– I believe it is crucial to talk to children about the dark aspects as well. They understand more than we think. They experience the same difficulties and sorrows as we do, but we still want to protect them from it. It’s important that we take them by the hand, sit down, and talk to them, says Vanna Rosenberg.

The nomination reads:

“Vanna Rosenberg is awarded the 2023 War Child Award for her commitment to children forced to live with the horrors of war. Vanna’s determination to make life more beautiful and better for the world’s children has always been present. A voice for allowing hope to exist and for building a community where children can be at the forefront. A society where everyone is equally valuable. Vanna is a shining star that sparkles even in dark times. Hundreds of millions of children are growing up in war and violent conflict today. But we know that it is worthwhile to fight for change. With sensitivity and humor, Vanna shows us how the night is followed by dawn. For in the darkness, there is always light for those who choose to see it.”

Vanna Rosenberg is a beloved actress, musical artist, and comedian. In 2016, she also made her debut as a children’s book author with the book “Singers Melody,” a book about family, origin, and the longing to call something a home. In 2023, the book “Stargazer” was published, where Vanna Rosenberg creates a hopeful depiction of the vulnerability and fate of two children in war. Vanna’s commitment to children has always been with her, something she has expressed through her acting and career.

The War Child Award is annually presented by the children’s rights organization War Child to individuals or organizations that have made special efforts for vulnerable children. The winner receives 40,000 Swedish Kronor to donate to an initiative that operates in the spirit of War Child. Over 160 million children are growing up in war and conflict. War Child is present in 15 crisis areas to provide protection, psychosocial support, and an opportunity for education.

– Through the War Child Award we want to shine a spotlight on individuals who make a difference for children in difficult and vulnerable situations. Vanna Rosenberg’s commitment to children forced to live with the horrors of war warms the heart and is something I hope inspires more to follow her example, says War Child’s Secretary-General Peter Brune.

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