She Took a Stand Against Mental Health Challenges – Frida Boisen Receives Recognition

For her commitment and open-minded courage related to the mental health of young individuals, Frida Boisen is honoured with the prestigious Digital Honour of the Year Award. The award ceremony took place at Stockholm City Hall on Saturday evening.

– I am passionate about digitalization, I am passionate about storytelling, but I am also passionate about daring to tell that sometimes life is tough. It’s not always a party, and it’s when we dare to talk about it—dare to show vulnerability—that we get through everything, says Frida Boisen.

Mental health is one of the most significant and dangerous public health issues of our time, affecting many young individuals. In 2022, more than 142,000 children and adolescents were in contact with BUP, Child and Adolescent Psychiatry. Over 20 percent of all young people currently suffer from mental health issues, and suicide is the fourth most common cause of death among 15-19-year-olds.

Despite the breadth of the illness, there continues to be a taboo and culture of silence surrounding the subject. Frida Boisen, a journalist, lecturer, and author, has actively worked in recent years to break the silence around mental health and educate more people about its significance. Together with her daughter, she hosts the podcast “Always Tell This” and has also written the book “Never Letting Go,” where they, based on their experiences, address topics related to mental health.

Frida Boisen is now recognized for her efforts with the award of Digital Honour of the Year, with the motivation stating:

“The Digital Honorary Award 2023 goes to an individual who, with a lot of heart and a significant amount of courage, uses her digital platform in an open and vulnerable way to share stories that touch and educate the public on critical societal issues such as gender equality, sustainable change, and, most importantly, mental health. Through her latest book, “Never Letting Go”, and podcast initiative “Always Tell This”, both created in close collaboration with her daughter, she shines a spotlight on one of the foremost public health problems of our time – mental health – with the fundamental belief that storytelling saves lives. The Digital Honorary Award for 2023 is presented to Frida Boisen.”

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