Sustainable Growth in Focus as Peter Hellgren Speaks at DI Gasell Next Level

Following ten DI Gasell awards, Consid is honored with a Master Gazelle on Tuesday. At an event organized by Dagens Industri at Sergel Hub in Stockholm, the Master Gazelles will be celebrated. Additionally, the winners will each deliver a speech. Consid's CEO, Peter Hellgren, will discuss the company's sustainable growth strategy that has propelled it to the top.

Consid's founders Henrik Sandell and Peter Hellgren.
Consid är ett av tre företag som fått tio DI Gaseller.
Consid is in the exclusive list of three companies that has been awarded the DI Gasell ten times.

– The journey we’ve embarked on with Consid is extraordinary. It’s not something that I or Henrik Sandell foresaw nearly 24 years ago when we registered the company with the Swedish Companies Registration Office. It’s remarkable what our fantastic colleagues have achieved over the years, says Peter Hellgren.

Gasell Next Level is described by the organizer as a way to honor the 14,000 companies that have been awarded a Gazelle over the prize’s 25-year existence. Consid won its first award in 2014, and since then, it has been ten plaques—ten consecutive Gazelle years—for the fast-growing IT company.

The founding duo, Peter Hellgren and Henrik Sandell are still very active within the company and, during the almost 24 years they’ve been running Consid, have seen Sweden take the big leap into digitalization from an extremely close perspective.

– If one looks back to how it was in the autumn of 2000, the dot-com bubble had just burst, IT companies valued at billions had collapsed. IT wasn’t super hot, but we knew what we wanted to do and were determined to succeed. What we’re seeing now with nearly 2000 employees, around 40 offices, and operations in six countries is proof that our strategy of being a self-funded company with organic growth was the right one.

During the Next Level event, Peter Hellgren will deliver a speech focusing on precisely that strategy. Consid is still a privately-owned limited company where effective reinvestment of capital has been a key factor in growth.

– By constantly reinvesting our revenues in the company, we’ve been able to maintain a high growth rate. On average, Consid’s turnover has increased by 30 percent annually, which is evidence of the success of our self-funded strategy. It has also allowed us to build a strong corporate culture characterized by innovation and long-term planning, attracting talents who value stability and the opportunity to influence their workplace. Today, we generate an annual turnover of 2.6 billion SEK, concludes Peter Hellgren.”

Consid becomes Master Gazelle – Peter Hellgren to participate in DI Gazelle Next Level

The IT company Consid can now proudly call itself a Master Gazelle. The company's ten awards are a unique achievement within the Swedish business sector.
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