Steffen Breen to Computer World: “We will double every year in the coming three years.”

It was in early May when a Computer World reporter visited Consid's office in central Oslo. In an extensive interview, Consid AS CEO Steffen Breen discussed the company's situation in both the short and long term, and what sets them apart in the Norwegian business landscape.

Steffen Breen, CEO at Consid Norway
Steffen Breen, CEO at Consid Norway

The interview with Steffen Breen was conducted in conjunction with Consid’s announcement of a new major contract with Husbanken, one of Norway’s most important financial institutions. The Husbanken contract runs for a maximum of four years and could have a total value of 300 million NOK.

Speaking to Computer World, Steffen Breen emphasized the importance of longer, large contracts in achieving their ambitious goals.

“Consid Norway aims to double in size every year over the next three years – both in revenue and number of employees. Deals like this will help us on the path to reaching our ambitious goals,” he told Computer World.

“Today, the Norwegian branch of Consid has around 40 employees. The goal is to grow to 200-300 employees within a three-year period with a presence in 6-7 Norwegian cities,” Computer World writes.

The article also highlights Consid AS’s journey as their first international venture. The demand in Norway for the expertise that Consid offers has been high from the beginning. Currently, the company is finalizing three prestigious contracts with public entities, along with several from the private sector.

“We have proven ourselves time and time again with public contracts in Norway and are in the process of building experience and knowledge in digitalization work within banking and insurance,” says Steffen Breen, mentioning some of the private contracts: “For example, Telia and Startkraft.”

In the article, Steffen Breen notes that the public framework agreements and contracts have provided stability during the first years, which now sets the stage for further expansion of the business.

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Steffen Breen, CEO at Consid Norway

Consid Wins Framework Agreement with Husbanken worth 300 million NOK

Consid wins yet another major framework agreement in Norway. The deal with Husbanken is set to be worth upwards 300 million NOK.
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