Consid becomes Master Gazelle – Peter Hellgren to participate in DI Gazelle Next Level

For 25 years, Dagens Industri has awarded its business prize, the DI Gazelle. Now, the newspaper has compiled what has made over 14,000 companies successful – the data will be presented alongside interviews with some of the award winners throughout the years.

Henrik Sandell and Peter Hellgren.

– It feels incredibly rewarding to be part of such a context, prestigious and inspiring. We founded Consid in 2000, we could dream but hardly believe that almost 24 years later we would have ten Gazelle awards and be part of an event like DI Gazelle Next Level, says Consid’s CEO Peter Hellgren, who will be interviewed on stage.

On May 14th, DI Gazelle Next Level will take place at Sergel Hub in Stockholm. 2,238 entrepreneurs who have received the Gazelle award three or more times have the opportunity to be crowned Master Gazelle.

On its website, DI Gazelle writes: “During an intense morning at Sergel Hub in Stockholm on May 14th, we will share our extensive 25-year knowledge of what it takes to successfully operate and develop growth companies. The prestigious Master Gazelle award is only given to the most outstanding and fast-growing companies in Sweden. To receive the award, the company must have been crowned a Gazelle at least three times, either consecutively or at different times.”

Peter Hellgren and Consid have brought home the prize no less than ten times, an almost unique number where Consid and Klarna stand alone at the top of the Gazelle rankings. This achievement also means that Consid is awarded a Master Gazelle.

– All awards are exciting to win, but the Gazelle stands out, of course. It’s a well-known brand that both companies and individuals are familiar with and recognize. Having ten of them is a testament to the fantastic work our nearly 2,000 employees put in every day. They all have a significant part in the Master Gazelle, says Peter Hellgren.

Consid’s CEO will be present on stage during a seminar alongside Jurek’s founder and CEO Shervin Razani, known among other things from Dragon’s Den and recipient of the DI Gazelle award six times.

Record growth over a decade: Consid celebrates its tenth Gazelle

Earlier this autumn, Consid received its tenth Gazelle award, an accomplishment achieved by only two other companies before. In an interview with Dagens Industri, Peter Hellgren, the founder, and CEO of Consid, discusses how a strong work culture is the key to success and how the company continues to grow.
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