Consid’s Gender Equality Initiative, Q Mentoria, Gains Recognition in Danish Media

Swedish IT consultancy firm Consid has garnered attention in the Danish press following the launch of its gender equality platform, Q, and the associated mentorship program, Q Mentoria, in early November. The initiative is spotlighted in an article titled "Consid: Too Few Women in the Industry Is a Cost for Society," emphasizing the importance of addressing the gender gap in the IT sector.

Josefine Wåhlstedt, Consid Copenhagen
Josefine Wåhlstedt, Consid Copenhagen
Anna Edstedt, Head of Q by Consid
Anna Edstedt, Head of Q by Consid

According to Josefine Wåhlstedt of Consid Copenhagen, quoted in ItWatch, the industry faces a significant challenge that cannot be overcome independently. The shortage of women in the IT field is predicted to have adverse effects on society in the near future if not addressed promptly.

Consid acknowledges the prevalent encouragement for men to pursue interests in IT but emphasizes the necessity for women in the industry. While there may be societal goodwill towards hiring women, it is insufficient. Recognizing this, Consid, one of the largest IT consultancy firms in the Nordics, has launched a mentorship program in Sweden, with plans to extend it to Denmark next year. The company is also actively promoting internal diversity initiatives.

ItWatch reports, “Consid acknowledges the shortage of women in the industry for achieving balance. To address this issue, they have established a mentorship program in Sweden, set to be introduced in Denmark next year. They are also actively working on increasing diversity internally.”

In a previous article on the same platform, Karina Wallendorph from Visma Dataløn discussed the risks associated with gender inequality in the IT industry, emphasizing that both interest and initiatives must begin at an early age.

Anna Edstedt, Head of Q by Consid, echoes Wallendorph’s sentiments, stating, “As Karina Wellendorph says, it starts early. It needs to be addressed in primary school when discussing future goals or dream jobs. There must be a way to ignite a spark, to make girls interested in IT at an early level. Along with that, we need to adopt a language or narrative around the industry that focuses on generating female interest, rather than alienating them with a perception of a ‘boys’ club mentality.'”

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Q by Consid

Media attention over launch of Q by Consid in Denmark: “A natural step”

Last week, Consid announced the introduction of their gender equality platform, Q by Consid, in Denmark. This was prominently featured in online publication Local Eyes.
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Consid in Copenhagen Denmark. Nyhamn with boat harbor and colorful buildings


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Q by Consid


Q by Consid is Consid's community for gender equality - a platform through which we work for increased gender equality in the tech industry.
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