Consid is recognized in the international Go Global Award

Consid is being honored in the international Go Global Award. The IT and communications company is being recognized for demonstrating innovation and resilience during challenging times.

GO Global Award
GO Global Award

– We are delighted to participate in the Go Global Award ceremony. Being acknowledged in an international context like this is something we approach with great humility and pride. This achievement would not have been possible without the significant commitment and drive of all our employees, says Peter Hellgren, CEO of Consid.

The Go Global Award is presented by the International Trade Council in collaboration with the Rhode Island Commerce Corporation. The purpose is to celebrate companies that propel the economy forward through their innovations, technologies, and strategies. The competition brings together hundreds of top executives from some of the world’s most innovative companies and nations, as well as government representatives and financial institutions.

This year’s event in Rhode Island was the second in a row that Consid participated in. Cybersecurity and AI were recurring themes during this year’s gathering.

Through its partnership with Cyber Unit Technologies, Consid addresses cybersecurity through a unique and innovative model. Instead of building firewalls that may impede growth, they focus on education and place the human element at the center. The collaboration integrates security expertise with deep experience in digital transformation, resulting in a holistic solution that protects against cyberattacks while promoting business-driven digital development. Consid was praised for this working model during the Go Global Award.

– It is uplifting to be in a place where innovation takes center stage. One can see that Consid has made significant progress compared to others in terms of our sustainability efforts and corporate culture. In addition to a keen interest in how we approach cybersecurity, it is precisely these issues that many have shown interest in, says Anna Edstedt.

Anna Edstedt
Anna Edstedt
Peter Hellgren, vd på Consid.

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