Media attention over launch of Q by Consid in Denmark: “A natural step”

Last week, Consid announced the introduction of their gender equality platform, Q by Consid, in Denmark. This development was prominently featured in publications such as the online magazine Local Eyes.

Anna Edstedt, Head of Q by Consid
Anna Edstedt, Head of Q by Consid
Michael Lund Andersen, CEO of Consid Denmark
Michael Lund Andersen, CEO of Consid Denmark

The IT industry currently exhibits a gender distribution of approximately 70 percent male and 30 percent female. Simultaneously, this industry wields substantial influence in shaping society and determining the technologies that will define our future, as highlighted by Local Eyes. For Michael Lund-Andersen, CEO of Consid Denmark, bringing Q by Consid to Denmark was an intuitive decision.

– Planning the integration of Q into our operations here in Denmark felt like a natural step for us. We are firmly convinced that it will play a pivotal role in advancing gender equality within the Danish tech and IT sector, asserts Michael Lund Andersen, CEO Consid Denmark.

Anna Edstest, Head of Q by Consid, echoes this sentiment, emphasizing that the gender equality platform’s objectives align seamlessly with the company’s mission. The inaugural phase involves the launch of the mentoring program, Q Mentoria, where a mentee collaborates closely with a mentor to establish a foothold in the industry. This initiative is projected to engage approximately one hundred mentoring pairs in its inaugural phase spanning 2024.

– It is second nature for us to have Q by Consid integrated wherever Consid operates. This is a truly critical issue for our company and a central theme within the industry. With Q, we aspire to be an influential voice and effect meaningful change in Denmark, akin to our impact in Sweden, Head of Q Anna Edstedt says.

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