Borlänge Tidning highlights Consid as a Gazelle Company

It was recently announced that Consid was awarded its tenth Gazelle recognition by Dagens Industri. This places the company in a special category, alongside only two other firms. Despite the global circumstances, Consid has found avenues for organic growth, a fact acknowledged when Borlänge Tidning reviewed Dalarna's Gazelle Companies last week.

Per Thulemark
Peter Hellgren, CEO Consid
Peter Hellgren, vd på Consid

– It is a fantastic testament to our success in creating a workplace with the right culture and philosophy, where every employee thrives and is encouraged towards commitment and entrepreneurship. Today, we have over 1,800 employees and have managed to maintain such a high growth rate, says Consid’s CEO, Peter Hellgren, about the accolade.

In 2022, Consid opened no less than eight offices across Sweden. Borlänge was one of them. The venture in Dalarna was estimated to create around forty new jobs over the course of a few years. Approximately a year after the expansion was completed, the office is about halfway to its goal.

– We stuck our necks out and said that we would have around twenty employees by the end of the first year and reach around forty within a few years. That is still our ambition, says office manager Per Thulemark to Borlänge Tidning.

Recently, Consid moved into the historic Erssonska villa in central Borlänge, a move that also garnered significant attention in the local media. The Gazelle is the first in the series that the Borlänge office has contributed to.

– It feels great to be a part of it, even though we are small compared to other offices. It’s a nice appreciation to receive, says Per Thulemark.

In 2022, Consid hired over 520 individuals. During the same period, a number of international offices were opened in Denmark and Germany. This aggressive expansion led to a natural growth of 41 percent compared to the previous year. The turnover in 2022 amounted to 2.2 billion SEK, generating a profit of 246 million SEK.

Gustav Söderström Nyköping

Rapid Growth Journey for Consid in Nyköping

When Consid started in Nyköping four years ago, the office had two employees. Today, 24 people work at the workplace, and there will be more in the future. Södermanlands Nyheter visited the office and met Gustav Söderström, the local manager at Consid, to talk more about Consid's journey so far and new future plans.
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Big Feature in Borlange Tidning on Consids Success Story

Borlänge Tidning dedicates both the front page and the center spread of Wednesday's newspaper to Consid. The feature focuses on Consid's robust growth and their move to Erssonska Villa, near Borlänge Travel Center.
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Picture wall with awards at Consid's office in Sundsvall


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