Swedish IT Company Makes Waves with Successful Expansion into Hamburg 

Consid, a Swedish IT company, is off to a remarkable start with its expansion into Hamburg, Germany. With a dedicated sales manager and a team of approximately 20 employees, the company is poised to leave a lasting impact on the German market. 

Lena Fahrenkrug
Lena Fahrenkrug.

– What motivates me is bringing talented people together. Hamburg has many skilled developers, other IT professionals, and some of Europe’s leading IT education centres, says Lena Fahrenkrug, Sales Manager for Consid in Hamburg.

Despite recent economic turbulence, Consid has seen a financial growth of 40 per cent during 2022, reaching SEK 2.5 billion in turnover. During the same time the company recruited over 520 new consultants and other personnel.

Consid’s corporate culture is its absolute advantage and shapes its future growth and profitability, according to Fahrenbrug. She highlights the company’s strong employer brand as Scandinavia’s best employer over the past two years, a concept that will be brought to Hamburg.

Consid’s success in Sweden has been driven by a focus on work-life-harmony, which is an important part of Swedish culture that the company wants to bring to Germany.

– There are certain cultural differences that we want to showcase in our German establishment, says Patrik Hall, Managing Director for Consid Hamburg.

Consid embodies the Swedish model of running a business, which emphasizes a flat organizational structure with efficient decision-making and communication channels.

Patrik Hall
Patrik Hall, Consid. 

– The company believes that involving employees in the daily work and giving them the ability to influence operations, their work environment, and the company’s development can benefit both them and the organization. This, coupled with the Swedish cultural approach to overtime work, is something that Consid plans to implement as it expands southward, Hall says and continues:

– In Sweden, overtime work is very unusual in most industries, while in Germany it is considered a given. For us, it is important that our employees experience a balance between their work and their leisure time.

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