Consid Got Accepted to Hansel’s Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS), Marking a Promising Entry into the Finnish Market

Since its recent launch in Finland this August, the IT services company Consid has achieved a significant milestone by being accepted to its first Hansel DPS. This grants Consid access to a substantial portion of the Finnish public sector procurements.

Reima Soikkeli, CEO of Consid Finland
Reima Soikkeli, CEO of Consid Finland

CEO of Consid Finland, Reima Soikkeli, comments:
– This marks a strong beginning for us. Hansel’s DPS provides us with the opportunity to establish a solid presence in the market. With this DPS in place, we can actively bid on future contracts, offering our expertise to the public sector—a crucial aspect of Consid’s ongoing success.

As the Finnish branch of Consid takes shape, Reima and his team are assuming their roles. Becoming Hansel’s supplier not only bolsters the establishment of the Helsinki office but also facilitates a streamlined approach to connecting with customers.

– Being recognized as a DPS supplier by Hansel translates to quicker and more accessible avenues to reach our clientele. It offers prospective clients and public administrators a comprehensive view of our services, while simultaneously paving the way for future business endeavors,” concludes Reima Soikkeli.

Consid AB is a supplier at Hansel’s IT-consulting 2023–2028 DPS.

Reima Soikkeli, CEO of Consid Finland,

Reima Soikkeli, CEO of Consid Finland, remarks: "That opportunity is now here"

Reima Soikkeli, CEO of Consid Finland, shares his goals, the dream of entrepreneurship, and how the core team will grow the company in Helsinki.
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