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Peter Hellgren, vd på Consid.
Reima Soikkeli, CEO of Consid Finland.
Reima Soikkeli, CEO of Consid Finland.

Consid, a Swedish IT and communications company, is launching its operations in Finland. After two years of expansion into Norway, Denmark, Germany and Poland, Sweden’s leading IT company is now coming to Finland.

– Finland and Sweden have a long history together and we feel it is a natural step to expand our operations to Finland. Over the last 30 years, Finland has been at the forefront of digitalisation and technological development. This has created a competitive technology and IT market that feels really inspiring to be part of,” says Peter Hellgren, CEO and co-founder of Consid.

Consid was founded at the turn of the millennium by Peter Hellgren and Henrik Sandell. Their vision was to create a company that they themselves would enjoy working for and that customers would want to work with. Since its foundation, the company has grown at an annual rate of around 30%, which has made Consid one of Sweden’s leading IT companies over the last 20 years. In 2022, the company crossed the EUR 200 million, with a turnover of around EUR 210 million in its financial statement.

The company has always been built on its employees. Today, Consid employs around 2 000 people in forty different locations. Consid has been voted Sweden’s Best Employer for two consecutive years, has won the title of Career Company for eight consecutive years and has received several other prestigious employer awards.

– Our employees have always been our most valuable asset. Our industry is constantly changing, and we strive to stay at the forefront of change. Through a range of internal learning support programmes, we aim to support our employees’ continuous learning. For example, we have mentoring programmes aimed at making the technology industry more accessible to women, or ambitious sustainability goals where work-life balance plays a key role. We want our employees to feel joy every day when they come to work, and we encourage our offices to organise recurring activities to strengthen the sense of belonging that we call the Consid spirit, explains Peter Hellgren.

Consid’s Finnish operations are primarily focused on software development work. Consid sees significant opportunities in the Finnish market and is initially looking for experienced software developers to join its ranks who want to be involved in starting up Consid’s operations in Finland. This journey is led by Reima Soikkeli.

– I have always been fascinated by entrepreneurship and the essence of business. How to get different parts of a business to work together towards a common goal. When I was younger, I tried small business in every possible form, but it never led to anything more serious. Instead, early in my career, I worked in large multinational companies, progressing step by step to smaller and smaller companies. It has been a journey towards the dream of building something from nothing. And that opportunity is now here. We’re setting up Consid Finland from scratch, signing our first client contracts and hiring our first consultants. I want to bring with me a modern management style, a customer-focused approach to work and, above all, to be part of creating a workplace where everyone feels good and is treated equally. Although there are differences between Finnish and Swedish corporate cultures, in the end it’s just a matter of small differences. The main principles behind modern business are very much the same as those we are used to in Finland. Working at Consid has felt pleasant from the very first meeting, and it has very quickly become clear to me why Consid has done so well in Sweden compared to its competitors. We are at an incredibly exciting stage, and it feels great to be starting the operations of a Finnish country company,” says Reima Soikkeli.

The dream of entrepreneurship prompted Reima to accept the offer when it came out of the blue.

– I have had several different IT-related business ideas over the years, but either the timing was bad or it was simply a lack of courage. However, the hunger and desire to become an entrepreneur never waned, so when the opportunity arose, I had to take it. If I had refused, I would have regretted it for the rest of my life.

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