Consid and syntheticAIdata: Pioneering the Future of AI Solutions

Consid has joined forces and formed a partnership with syntheticAIdata. This partnership represents the convergence of Consid's dominant market position and its formidable expertise in the realm of artificial intelligence, with syntheticAIdata's groundbreaking technology centered around the synthesis of data tailored for AI applications. This union expands the horizons for prospective AI solutions and amplifies the potential for elevating businesses to reinforce their competitive edge and internal operational efficacy.

While the concept of synthetic data is not novel, it has undergone a remarkable evolution over the past year, making it a linchpin for the continued advancement and competitiveness of enterprises. In essence, synthetic data empowers users to seamlessly generate the data they require, precisely when it is needed, and to fine-tune AI solutions to adhere to their exact specifications. This expeditious creation of substantial volumes of synthetic data accelerates the learning curve for AI solutions, facilitating a swifter path to market for coveted AI solutions. 

Established in Copenhagen, syntheticAIdata is a forward-thinking startup, founded in July 2022 by the visionary duo of Sherry List and Goran Vuksic. Their mission is to endow organizations and enterprises with the ability to harness the transformational potential of synthetic data, thereby expediting their journey into the AI frontier. 

– We are instrumental in aiding companies spanning diverse industries in surmounting the challenges associated with acquiring high-quality data for the training of their AI models. By generating synthetic data that emulates real-world scenarios, companies can fine-tune their computer vision models to impeccably detect and classify objects, empowering them to execute intricate tasks with precision and accuracy. The applications are manifold, from the meticulous sorting of items on a manufacturing assembly line to conducting rigorous quality control, from navigating complex environments autonomously to optimizing inventory management. It even extends to enhancing the in-store experience by generating synthetic data that facilitates astute cashier management, expounds Sherry List, the CEO of syntheticAIdata. 

SyntheticAIdata has now entered into a strategic partnership with Consid, the foremost communications and technology enterprise in the Nordic region. This partnership offers the unique opportunity to merge Consid’s technical acumen and implementation prowess with the innovative suite of services and platforms proffered by syntheticAIdata. The result is the creation of bespoke, meticulously trained AI models that have the potential to catalyze a transformation within companies and organizations across diverse sectors. 

– We are profoundly enthusiastic about this collaboration, as it enables us to deliver the AI solutions of the future to our esteemed clients. We recognize the immense potential of synthetic data in enhancing and evolving our existing clients’ operations, rendering them even more competitive. Moreover, this partnership opens the doors to fresh collaborations with other enterprises, affirms Peter Hellgren, CEO of Consid. 

The user-friendly product offered by syntheticAIdata is endowed with advanced features that facilitate the generation of high-quality synthetic data within a controlled environment, expressly for the purpose of AI model training. Through seamless integration with leading cloud platforms, even individuals lacking technical expertise can readily create tailor-made datasets. This constitutes a revolutionary technological breakthrough, fundamentally altering the landscape for training AI models within companies, offering limitless data customization, which, in turn, augments accuracy and bolsters a range of applications, including defect detection, assembly line inspections, and workforce safety measures across diverse industries.  

By embracing syntheticAIdata, companies can avail themselves of a plethora of advantages, encompassing significant cost reduction, heightened data privacy, and meticulous compliance with regulatory standards, in addition to the ability to expedite the programming of their AI products, thus realizing their full potential. 

– In the contemporary, cutthroat market environment, the precision of AI models assumes a pivotal role. The utilization of synthetic data can markedly enhance the accuracy of these models. By 2030, most data employed in AI applications will be generated synthetically. The construction of high-quality and valuable AI models is inconceivable without this cutting-edge technology, asserts Per Malmsten, Senior Customer Success Manager, a distinguished authority in the realms of Advanced Analytics and AI at Consid. 

The collaboration between syntheticAIdata and Consid epitomizes the fusion of two pioneering entities, united by a shared vision of harnessing the transformative potential of synthetic data to deliver exceptional value to companies on their voyage into the AI arena. Sherry List, CEO of syntheticAIdata, underscores the profound significance of the partnership with Consid. 

– This strategic collaboration with Consid is a testament to our unwavering commitment to leverage the transformational prowess of synthetic data in the training of AI models. By amalgamating our respective strengths and competencies, we stand poised to expedite the AI journey for other enterprises. This is a momentous stride forward, emblematic of our vision at syntheticAIdata, which is to provide innovative data solutions that catalyze the success of companies and organizations. 

Goran Vuksic, syntheticAIdata
Goran Vuksic, syntheticAIdata
Sherry List, syntheticAIdata
Sherry List, syntheticAIdata

AI illustration. SyntheticAIdata partnership with Consid

SyntheticAIdata Partnership

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