Consid and Litium organize Event in Gothenburg.

Cybersecurity, generative AI, and digital commerce were the three topics that shaped the event at Consid's Gothenburg office. The event, organized in collaboration with the company's partner Litium, featured engaging discussions, networking, and several brief lectures.

Rebecca Börebäck, Domain Specialist CX & Commerce
Rebecca Börebäck, Domain Specialist CX & Commerce

On Wednesday, Consid’s Gothenburg office buzzed with clients, prospects, and colleagues. In collaboration with the e-commerce platform Litium, an inspiring and informative evening was organized, fostering networking opportunities and the chance to establish new connections.

– The goal of inspiration events like this is to meet and engage with our clients and prospects in a different context than our everyday interactions. It’s also an opportunity to network and connect with other clients facing similar challenges, says Rebecca Börebäck, Domain Specialist in CX and Commerce at Consid.

Several speakers from both Consid and Litium delivered presentations during the event. The agenda kicked off with a lecture by Litium’s Patrik Settlin, who discussed trend insights in digital commerce. Following that, Johan Persson and Johan Kederstedt from Consid took the stage, addressing cybersecurity, cyber trends, and how organizations can identify current threats.

– These are topics that are currently in the spotlight, and we take the opportunity to discuss them in a cozy environment where our clients can be inspired and ask questions to our experts,” adds Rebecca Börebäck.

Lastly, Magnus Osbeck from Consid gave a presentation on generative AI and how the digital evolution of AI has changed the playing field. Consid has played a prominent role in Sweden’s digitization for over two decades. Hosting events, workshops, and meetings is a crucial part of the company’s work.

– The subjects and knowledge we share during these inspiration sessions position Consid as a strategic and reliable partner with a diverse set of tools.

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