Combined e-commerce expertise with Consid & Litium.

With over 15 years of e-commerce experience, Consid supports B2B and B2C customers with flexible and efficient solutions, high performance, and compelling customer experiences using the Litium Commerce Cloud platform.

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Consid excels in e-commerce

We are e-commerce experts with extensive experience in providing solutions for both B2C and B2B. Several of Consid's team members have previously held roles as e-commerce managers in various companies. This, combined with our expertise in business development, UX, digital marketing, and development, has equipped us with broad experiences and insights throughout the e-commerce life cycle. This is crucial for success in the digital business, where we understand the importance of optimized logistics and data-driven insights to drive a profitable operation. These experiences have been central to our most successful client projects.

E-commerce platform with PIM & CMS

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Accelerate your digital business

The future of E-commerce: Collaboration and growth with Consid and Litium

Litium’s e-commerce platform, integrated with PIM & CMS, offers a fast and flexible solution enabling scalable growth. In collaboration with Litium, we can develop e-commerce solutions that align with your business goals today and tomorrow. Litium combines the simplicity and flexibility of a smaller platform with the performance and capacity of a larger one, making it a robust choice for companies aiming for rapid digital expansion while managing sustainable growth.

Several of Consid’s employees have previous experience with Litium, and over the years, we have delivered Litium solutions in CMS, PIM, and e-commerce. Litium has undergone significant development as a platform and now has a strong customer base in both B2B and B2C, seamlessly aligning with Consid’s focus and investments in e-commerce.

With Litium’s e-commerce, there are extensive possibilities, including packaged solutions and headless services in the cloud, easily integrated with other systems and services in your digital ecosystem.

If you are already conducting e-commerce and want to further develop your business, our experts can provide advice and guidance for transitioning to the next generation of e-commerce solutions. We create solutions that are both flexible and scalable, designed to meet your future needs and future-proof your digital business.

Broad industry expertise

In addition to our extensive experience in e-commerce, Consid offers a wide range of services that enable comprehensive solutions in IT, business development, and communication. This includes everything from consulting, strategy, analysis, and pre-studies to requirements specification, development, and implementation of, among other things, apps, websites, systems, and management.

At Consid, we strive to be your trusted partner on the journey to the industry’s top. Our experts and IT consultants are dedicated to guiding you through digital transformation and offer comprehensive expertise in areas such as IT security, digital transformation, cloud services, e-commerce, and marketing. This commitment extends across all industries and is clearly reflected in the impressive number of awards and accolades we have received over the years, including recognitions such as Dagens Industri’s Gasellföretag, Veckans Affärer’s Superföretag, Svenska Designpriset, and Publishingpriset.

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For a direct and personal contact with our expert, Patrik Zenno, please reach out to him through the following channels: Email: Phone: 070-770 63 73. Patrik is ready to address any questions or discuss any needs and challenges you may have.

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