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Our Brand and Transformation Management teams are experienced at helping companies like yours to envision, communicate and drive organisational and cultural change.

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We are ready to dive in head first. To quickly become an expert on your organisation. To ask the tough questions, highlight your strengths, isolate the gaps and help connect the dots. Our approach is always to collaborate in a way that accelerates your transformation process.

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An assessment is the critical first step towards helping you realise your vision through sustainable digital transformation. Together we’ll discover what’s possible, set expectations and a concrete tactical plan.

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Digital transformation model consisting of 3 dimensions; Brand & business strategy, People, culture & organization, and Digital ecosystem performance.

Brand- and business strategy

Are you truly a purpose-driven organisation? Discovery can only come from exploring your vision and goals as defined by your brand and business strategies. Here we analyse and define your current situation and future view with particular attention to customer segments, value propositions and operational dependencies.

People, culture and organisation

Are your people ready for your future? Here we test cultural maturity as it pertains to digital transformation, the desired culture that defines your future workplace and the current perspectives of employees and management.

Digital ecosystem performance

Is your ecosystem able to support the future vision? Digital ecosystems are delicate and need perfect balance to work and stay healthy. Adding or taking away from them will make an impact – good or bad. Here we explore the known strengths and weaknesses of the current digital ecosystem.

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We can help you with

Brand & Business

Business innovation

Business modelling

Business strategy

Defining your big idea/purpose

Marketing positioning

Product management

Value proposition development

Vision/strategy - future state

People & culture

Agile principles

Change management

Coach and mentor

Cultural development

Employer branding

Upskill and reskill

Way of working

Digital ecosystem

AI strategy

Cloud strategy

Data modelling

Digital capabilities mapping

Digital platform architecture

Digital strategy


Enterprise architecture

Impact mapping

Legacy systems

Security strategy

People with extensive experience from a broad range of industries

Together we are a broad, but tightly knit network of people at the top of their areas who are ready to share responsibility, take the lead and collaborate on solutions that will reduce competitive barriers.

Experts at the forefront of brand and customer experience

We’ve assembled the ideal constellation of experience and talent for handling the most challenging strategic branding and communication questions. Whether you are a household name or a fresh startup, our dedicated brand and UX specialists love getting involved, doing the research and collaborating to ensure your brand and business strategies align for your chosen customers.

Long heritage of technological expertise

Whether you are modernising your digital platforms or completely re-thinking your approach to employee and customer experiences, our strategic and operational experts are aimed at simplifying your digital journey. And, most importantly, getting it implemented on time.

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Paradigm Brand Consultancy

An award-winning branding agency

Paradigm, a subsidiary of Consid, is one of Sweden's leading branding agencies, offering services within brand strategy, design, communication strategy and digital transformation. Paradigm is a specialized partner for ambitious clients who share the understanding that a strong brand is a key business generator.

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