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Are you searching for a experienced Sitevision partner? If so, you've come to the right place. Consid is the leading Sitevision partner in the Nordic region with hundreds of successful Sitevision projects. We help you with everything related to Sitevision, from the initial idea to making it a reality.

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The leading Sitevision partner in the Nordic region.

With specialized expertise, strategic focus, and creative excellence, we create comprehensive solutions in Sitevision for those who demand high standards in functionality and user experience.
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One of two Platinum Partners in the world.

The largest Sitevision team in the Nordic region.

Hundreds of satisfied Sitevision customers

Nordic’s largest Sitevision team

We are one of only two entities holding the highest partnership level with Sitevision as a Platinum Partner. Additionally, we have the largest Sitevision team in the Nordic region, where all developers are certified by Sitevision, delivering intelligent and manageable Sitevision solutions. In other words, we understand Sitevision.

All under one roof

As a complement to the Sitevision team, Consid offers a broad range of services enabling greater responsibility in client collaborations, covering everything from analysis, digital strategy, pre-studies, and web development to app development, system development, training, and management. With Consid as a partner, you get everything under one roof.

As a gold partner to Microsoft, we can also provide leading expertise in Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365). We also offer numerous consulting services in areas such as accessibility (WCAG), project management, marketing, UX, design, and search engine optimization.

In addition to certifications within Sitevision, we also have multiple certified consultants in accessibility according to the International Association of Accessibility (IAAP), and Consid is an Associate Corporate with IAAP.

A breadth of industry expertise

Consid achieves strong results with clients in various industries, as reflected in the numerous awards and nominations the company has received, including the Web Service Award, Swedish Design Award, Publishing Award, and Sitevision Awards (Golden Hands). We are driven by the ambition to make both authorities and companies the best in the world at what they do and to contribute to long-term sustainable and smart development.

Consid is the Nordic's leading Sitevision partner, as Platinum partner.

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Sitevision web analysis and Piwik PRO

Optimize your website with powerful web analysis in Sitevision, based on the high-performance analytics tool Piwik PRO. Gain access to all the benefits of detailed web analysis and discover what your visitors truly prefer.

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Partners and platforms

We collaborate with leading partners and platforms

In addition to being a Platinum Partner with Sitevision, we have several other partnerships, allowing us to offer you a comprehensive solution tailored to your needs. This sets us apart in the industry, as we collaborate with partners such as Microsoft, Quickchannel, and Screen9.

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