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The future need for technical competence is obvious. For us, it is extremely important to contribute to increasing the competence within the area. Learn more about our work with competence development.

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A future need for technical competence

Sweden is already lagging behind in terms of technical expertise to be able to deliver innovative and innovative digital solutions that are exported to other parts of the world. Our responsibility to both ensure innovations that help us achieve the 17 global goals, and create the conditions for a continued prosperous Sweden is the basis for us at Consid to be committed to education and inspiration of younger people. We also take education one step outside our Swedish context and try to help vulnerable children and young people in the world’s most vulnerable areas through digital tools. This is done through the collaboration with the charity War Child.

To maintain Sweden as a catalyst for new digital innovations, we need even more technical expertise. By inspiring more people to choose technical careers and helping the young people who for various reasons need extra support, we at Consid can create conditions for a Sweden in the digital forefront. We try to create a common thread throughout the entire line, which ultimately leads into the technical arena. Our initiatives start at a young age with inspiration and an eye opener for programming and technology. Thereafter, we continue by supporting the Läxhjälpen foundation and its young people, where more people are given the opportunity to reach eligibility for further studies. To ensure that technically interested students get to work, we have created a bridge between student life and working life by offering student events and our trainee program #Consid Nextlevel Academy.

Bring Your Child to Work Day

In a phase to draw attention to the profession and to get even more children and young people interested in our business, Bring Your Child To Work Day was initiated. The initiative means that employees can bring their own children and the children’s friends to a day at the office. It is also a way for us as employers to connect work and leisure, and that our employees get a chance to tell what happens between school pick-ups. In 2020, we switched to offering a code and Minecraft day digitally that children could attend.

Consid Youth Education

Within the framework of Consid Youth Education, we pave the way for the next generation of IT stars. Consid Youth Education aims to inspire children and young people to an interest in IT and technology. During the year, Consid has not had the opportunity to hold physical education with middle school classes, but has instead contributed with lectures digitally.


Läxhjälpen (Homework help) is a non-profit foundation that is located across large parts of Sweden whose purpose is to get high school students to reach high school eligibility. During the year, we helped the Läxhjälpen foundation with hardware, further development of internal systems and lending of premises and office space. In 2020, Consid has developed the collaboration with Läxhjälpen and also created an internal system for staffing, salary payment and internal communication. The homework help’s contribution in 2020 has been of extra great importance as some schools have been closed and additional responsibility has been placed on children to study in their home environment.

#Consid NextLevel Academy

The #Consid NextLevel Academy trainee program will give participants the opportunity to understand the consulting industry and develop their technical skills together with our incredibly competent employees. By having a program that is divided into 3 blocks, with different specializations, we ensure that the right conditions are provided for students to find security and development in their first workplace. In January 2021, our first class of trainees will start in the cities of Stockholm, Gothenburg and Jönköping.

Consid Excellerate

It is conceivable that we would have stayed with the trainee program, but the truth is that we are looking for lifelong learning and therefore created a completely new business area where our employees can help others to develop in technical or leadership skills. Within the business area, our customers, partners and employees can take part in a solid training platform that provides opportunities for further development in the area that is interesting. Right now we have 8 different education areas and have also applied to start our own polytechnic education in software development.

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