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The industry we are in is constantly evolving and in a number of years we will need lots of talented employees. As a leading player in the industry, we have a part in the responsibility to ensure that the skills we need grow. We therefore want to inspire young people to take the step into professional life and show the opportunities the IT industry has to offer. That is why we are a proud partner of Läxhjälpen. Read more about what we do for them here!

About Läxhjälpen

Läxhjälpen (Homework help) is a non-profit foundation that conducts a targeted and results-focused homework help program for students who are at risk of failing school, so that they reach upper secondary school eligibility. They ensure that students in vulnerable areas receive the help they need and the primary focus is on completing primary school in order to be able to move on to post-secondary education (preferably an IT-related education). The homework help’s vision is to get more students through the school system so that they can shape their own future. Their homework helpers are carefully selected university and college students with different backgrounds, experience and field of study. The homework helpers function as support for students in homework reading in all subjects.

The homework help measures the grade development for students every year and collaborates with upper secondary schools that are far below the national average in upper secondary school eligibility. When students start at Läxhjälpen, they have subjects that they are not approved for, or are on the verge of not being approved in at least one core subject and do not have upper secondary school eligibility. The students who receive help from Läxhjälpen are selected by their teachers, who have made the assessment that the students will not enter the high school without extra support.

With the help of Läxhjälpen, 80% gain upper secondary school eligibility, 82% increase their self-confidence and 87% gain an increased desire to study further. Today, the homework help program is available at 50 schools throughout Sweden.

Our cooperation

Consid’s collaboration with Läxhjälpen means, among other things, that we contribute computers, screens and other material to their work management and homework help groups. The computers help both the employees to carry out their work, and ensure that the students use good aids in their studies in the homework help groups.

We are also opening up our office premises for teaching and as a workplace for homework helpers and other administrative organizations. We simply want to make a concrete effort to raise the level of knowledge of Sweden’s future workforce. We are very proud of our collaboration with Homework Help and the fact that we create a real effect for the students that Homework Help helps. Now we have taken it a step further!

Läxloggen 2.0 (The Homework Log 2.0)

Namely, Consid has in 2020 created a solution that makes it easier for all homework helpers at Läxhjälpen. It all includes an internal administrative system where Läxhjälpen solves occupancy for its homework helpers and receives time reports – we have named this internal system Läxloggen 2.0 (The Homework Log 2.0).

Läxloggen 2.0 project is a replacement for the previous system for staffing and time reporting for homework helpers around Sweden. The homework help’s 500 homework helpers can now easily find out when and where they will work. The system, which is made in Sitevision, also makes the work much easier for the management as it facilitates the administrative work, and that it creates an overview of the business. The system goes live in early January 2021 and replaces the previous system.

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Red more about Läxhjälpen her: At present, Läxhjälpen’s website is only in Swedish.

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