Consid Takes the Lead in Denmark: “Gender Equality is a Central Issue for the Industry”

Over the past decade, the IT and communications company Consid has been driving towards a more gender-equal industry through its initiative, Q by Consid. Now, the company is taking further strides by launching the platform in Denmark.

– It is an absolute priority for us that Q by Consid is present wherever Consid is established. It’s a matter of great importance for the company and a central concern for the entire industry. Through Q, we aspire to make a significant impact in Denmark, says Anna Edstedt, Head of Q by Consid.

The launch of Q by Consid on the Danish side of the Øresund strait positions Consid among a select group of IT companies leading the charge in this endeavor.

– For us, it was a natural step to explore how and when we could integrate Q into our operations. We are firmly convinced that this will be a crucial factor in bridging the gender gap within the Danish tech and IT industry, says Michael Lund Andersen, CEO of Consid in Denmark.

Q by Consid was founded in 2013 as a response to the skewed gender distribution in the industry. Presently, women make up just over 30 percent of the IT industry. At the same time, the IT industry has significant influence in shaping the society we live in and determining the future world. Encouraging more women to pursue careers in the industry is a fundamental strategy to counter the trend of the competence crisis facing the sector.

In the coming spring, Consid will launch the Q Mentoria mentorship program in Denmark. Q Mentoria is an integral part of the broader initiatives encompassed by Q by Consid. This mentorship program, aimed at women and non-binary individuals from middle school and beyond, has garnered substantial interest in Sweden. During the spring, a total of 100 mentees and mentors are expected to participate in Q Mentoria.

– The objective of Q Mentoria is to foster a relationship between a mentee and a mentor that results in personal and professional growth. We aim to showcase the incredible opportunities that the tech field offers and provide a supporting hand to women interested in IT and tech. Breaking into a male-dominated industry can feel daunting, and we want to help dispel those apprehensions, explains Anna Edstedt.

Participation in Q Mentoria is free, and the mentorship period spans six months. Michael Lund Andersen describes this as just the beginning of the work that will continue in Denmark:

– Gender equality is a critical issue in all industries. However, what sets this issue apart in the IT industry is the immense influence the sector holds in shaping the entire societal framework. In many ways, we are constructing the world of the future, and it is important that it is founded on principles of equality. I hope that Consid can serve as an example for others in this regard.

The registration period for Q Mentoria in Sweden and Denmark is now open.

Anna Edstedt, Head of Q by Consid
Anna Edstedt, Head of Q by Consid
Michael Lund Andersen, CEO of Consid in Denmark
Michael Lund Andersen, CEO of Consid in Denmark

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