Approaching Launch of Copilot in Swedish – Consid Has the Experts!

The significant paradigm shift and AI revolution will impact various industries differently. The launch of Copilot in Microsoft 365 in Swedish is expected to take place in the near future. Consid has the experts who can assist you and your company in implementing the AI assistant to streamline your operations.

Emma Fahlstedt, Consid Communication
Henrik Jacobsson affärsområdesansvarig för Consid Modern Workplace
Henrik Jacobsson, Consid.

Copilot is the collective term for Microsoft’s AI assistants that can be utilized across different areas, notably within Microsoft 365 applications like Teams, Word, Outlook, and PowerPoint. Copilot provides an assistant directly into the work routine, offering unprecedented opportunities for time-saving, efficiency, and an enhanced employee experience.

– Microsoft’s environment is the digital workplace for many people, in both the private and public sectors. We see that Copilot has the potential to be a game-changer in how we work and how we allocate our time, says Emma Fahlstedt, Head of Employee Experience at Consid.

While Copilot is not yet available in Swedish, that is expected to change. Microsoft is anticipated to launch the AI assistant for Microsoft 365 in Sweden in the next two months, potentially bringing significant changes and new possibilities to internal work processes for Swedish companies.

The ongoing paradigm shift brought about by AI will transform how many people work. It is often emphasized how important it is to hop on the AI bandwagon, but it is equally crucial to do thorough groundwork beforehand and not rush headlong into it.

– The most important thing is to prepare and get your internal information in order. Since Copilot looks at all the information available in Microsoft 365 that a user has access to, it’s crucial that the information is accurate, and the correct permissions are in place. If there’s a lot of old or incorrect information, the AI tool will also provide outdated and incorrect answers, says Henrik Jacobsson, Head of Modern Workplace at Consid.

Consid can assist throughout the entire process – from preparation and training to implementation and usage. It is essential, according to both Emma Fahlstedt and Henrik Jacobsson, to identify each organization’s unique needs and find a solution based on those specific requirements.

– The key is also to review the organization’s overall AI strategy. Today, we encounter organizations that are curious about AI and the possibilities it offers, but they haven’t thought about what problems AI should actually solve, how to use it, and what frameworks should be in place. Maybe Copilot is the tool to use, perhaps ChatGPT or other generative AI, but you must start with a strategy that also considers aspects like work methods, ethics, and, most importantly, security. After that, you can decide on tools and technology, says Emma Fahlstedt.

Another crucial aspect to consider is education. To navigate and use Copilot or other AI effectively, a certain level of knowledge is required, and it must be conveyed to the employees.

– As part of the preparation, ensure that your employees receive the right knowledge and training to use the tool. They are the ones who will be using it every day, so they must have the right conditions, says Emma Fahlstedt.

But what about security?

A frequently discussed topic in relation to AI is information security. Microsoft has clear regulations regarding information security in Microsoft 365 with the launch of Copilot.

– Microsoft guarantees that data in Copilots does not leave and is not used, for example, for training or outside the internal environment. That’s a significant advantage compared to many other AI platforms, says Henrik Jacobsson.

However, relying solely on Microsoft’s regulations and guarantees is not enough; each organization needs to work on its security and determine guidelines for each unique entity.

– You have to establish guidelines because as soon as you start using a tool like this, ethical and security-related questions arise. What are you allowed to do, and what are you not allowed to do? You need to have that in place early on and consider how the guidelines and framework should look for the company and its employees when using AI and Copilot, says Emma Fahlstedt.

If you want more information about Copilot or need help exploring the potential for using AI within your business, feel free to contact us at Consid.

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