The Digital Golf Revolution is Here – deWiz Challenges Norms on the Course

The company deWiz aims to assist golf players worldwide in elevating their game to the next level. Through innovative technology, they not only accelerate the learning curve but also drive forward the digital evolution in the nearly 800-year-old sport.

Golfplayer using DeWiz when playing golf.
Golfplayer using DeWiz when playing golf.
DeWiz wrist unit being and logo on the grass at the golf court.
DeWiz wrist unit.

– The reason we began developing deWiz is because golf is a challenging game, and changing a golf swing is even more so. We wanted to find a way to help golfers improve faster. That’s why we founded deWiz, and this was back in 2015, says Markus Westerberg, Co-founder of deWiz Golf AB. Westerberg, a former European Tour professional, PGA of Sweden-certified instructor, and author in motor learning, brings significant expertise to the venture.

The vision to enhance the joy of play for golfers worldwide through modern and digital technology led Markus Westerberg and his business partner, CTO Magnus Persson, to various development teams. The response was unanimous: It’s not possible.

However, a meeting with Consid would change everything.

– What we truly appreciate about Consid is that they haven’t set any limits on our wild ideas. They’ve helped us innovate and have been with us every step of the way to take the product from startup to market, shares Markus Westerberg.

After 50,000 hours of research, testing, and development, the deWiz product is now launching. The technology in the wrist unit is based on motor learning, the neuroscience of permanently altering a person’s ability to perform a motor skill. The unit is then connected to an app that can provide precise data on the user’s swing.

– The product retrieves data from the deWiz unit, and the app presents the most crucial information to the user along with a 3D animation of the entire golf swing, explains Magnus Persson, CTO of deWiz Golf AB.

The service has been developed in collaboration with a range of elite players, which, according to Magnus and Markus, has contributed to enhancing the level of technology.

– The app needs to be on par with the golfer because the golfer is there to play golf, says Markus Westerberg.

Magnus adds:

– It’s a sophisticated application that truly challenges the mobile operating system.

DeWiz wrist unit being used when making a golf swing.

AI Golf App Innovation: “deWiz – From Zero to The Market”

We helped deWiz develop their app from zero to something useful. The product takes data from the deWiz unit, which is worn on the golfer's wrist, and the app presents instant feedback on 14 swing metrics to the user along with an interactive 3D model of the swing. deWiz is thrusted by pros and loved by thousands of golfers.
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