Equality within the IT Industry – Consid Shares Experiences at Networking Event

Last Friday, March 8th, the network "Women in Industry" organized a networking event featuring a series of lectures at the Mälardalen Industrial Technology Center in Eskilstuna. The focus was on how male managers have created inclusive, attractive, and dynamic workplaces.

Jonas Jillerholm.

– Consid’s efforts towards equality have been highly visible for a long time. We are featured in the media, both locally and nationally, with our commitment and have had a significant impact on social media. Projects like Q by Consid and Q Mentoria are, if not industry-unique, something that makes us stand out. It’s very satisfying to represent a company that takes this issue so seriously, says Jonas Jillerholm, acting office manager at Consid in Eskilstuna.

Four local entrepreneurs and business leaders spoke at the networking event at MITC. Among them was Consid’s Jonas Jillerholm, who discussed the challenges of attracting women and non-binary individuals to the IT and tech industries.

– I chose to draw from my own experiences in the industry, how the issue has been handled at the companies I have been involved with, and what Consid is doing right to achieve an equal workplace.

Future challenges were also addressed in the presentation:

– There are challenges ahead where we, as an industry, must look at ourselves in the mirror and act together. Some technical education programs have as little as 20 percent female enrollment, which is far too low. Interest in the industry needs to be sparked, and I believe that Consid’s work can be a key factor in that.

What does it mean for Consid to be involved in such an environment?

– It allows us to convey our values and important work. I am convinced that contact points like this, where we can meet across multiple industries and exchange ideas and strategies, are crucial for tackling inequality in the future.

With offices in nearly 40 locations throughout Sweden, Consid has an almost unique opportunity to be a local influencer for a gender-equal IT industry.

– Inclusion and equality are something we always carry with us in our daily work and are an integral part of Consid’s DNA. On April 11th, we will focus extra on this through a Q-meet event with the theme of finding balance in life between work, everyday life, and everything in between, says Jonas Jillerholm.

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Equal IT industry

Consid works for equality within the IT industry through our equality platform Q by Consid & awards prizes to the eQualizer of the Year.
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Consid in Eskilstuna offers IT consultants & IT services within all type of IT business. The office focuses on senior .NET & Java consultants.
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Q by Consid


Q by Consid is Consid's community for gender equality - a platform through which we work for increased gender equality in the tech industry.
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