Speicherstadt, Hamburg, Germany


Consid’s Corporate Culture Makes Waves in Germany

Golem.de has named Germany's best employers, and interestingly, both top candidates in Hamburg come from Sweden: Vattenfall and the IT company Consid. Lars Napret, Executive Vice President for Consid in Germany, reflects on the qualities that set Swedish companies apart.

Lars Napret
Lars Napret, Regional Manager Hamburg.

– When I was asked to join Consid and be part of the German launch, I was particularly drawn to Consid’s corporate ethos. The focus is on employees, ensuring their well-being and a healthy work-life balance, gender equality, and a flat organizational structure. This mindset has propelled Consid to record highs year after year since its founding in 2000. In Germany, it made us one of the best employers in just one year, says Lars Napret.

The top ranking received by Consid from Golem.de has generated significant interest in what we do, both as a company and for the culture that has been created. The Swedish strategy differs from the traditional German approach. Most perceive it as something new, exciting, and desirable, while some criticize Consid for wanting to move away from overtime work and emphasizing soft values.

– Expecting employees to work overtime as a company is a significant problem, very common among German companies. This, coupled with a too narrow focus on profit, often means sacrificing the well-being of employees, says Lars Napret.

From an outsider’s perspective, the foundation of Consid’s culture is a deep-rooted commitment to employee well-being. There is an awareness that satisfied and focused employees lead to increased productivity. Profit is not a self-interest but arises from prioritizing the mental and physical health of employees. By prioritizing people, a robust foundation and sustainable business are created.

– It’s about long-term thinking. Prioritizing the well-being of our employees means that we create an environment where economic downturns do not result in mass layoffs. Long-term thinking leads to security and sustainability, says Lars Napret.

The urgent need for skills development in the current market is evident, and this is something Consid has taken seriously. Every year, all employees are offered a variety of internally organized training sessions. Upskilling and reskilling are of the utmost importance to keep consultants’ skills relevant for customers. This creates clear paths for career development but also fosters loyalty among employees.

– Consid’s strategy ensures that employees remain flexible and can seamlessly transition to new roles when the demands of a volatile economic climate require it. In times of uncertainty, a skilled and flexible workforce becomes an invaluable asset.

By focusing on soft values and prioritizing employees, investing in professional development, learning, and fostering an innovation culture, companies can navigate the challenging economic landscape more effectively.

– There is a lesson in resilience to be learned from Consid, and it’s time for more German companies to embrace a new way of thinking to pave the way for a healthier future, says Lars Napret.

Speicherstadt, Hamburg, Germany

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