Employee Experience – the Hottest Business Area in 2024

Attracting and retaining employees is crucial for the success and survival of a company. No digital transformation succeeds without the involvement of the employees. Therefore, Consid is launching Employee Experience (EX) as a new business area to meet the increasing demand.

Emma Fahlstedt, Consid Communication

“If employees thrive, have good conditions, and feel listened to and involved, their productivity and commitment increase. It is essential to look at what can be done to contribute to a positive employee experience throughout the chain,” says Emma Fahlstedt, responsible for the EX business area at Consid.

In the rapidly changing digital era, concepts like upskilling and Employee Experience (EX) have become crucial for a company’s success and survival. Equipping employees with the right skills to navigate the technological landscape, especially in terms of AI and cybersecurity, is no longer a luxury but a necessity.

Empowering employees is central to realizing the visions of corporate management and maximizing the benefits of AI. Ensuring that employees have the right tools, knowledge, and abilities to handle and leverage technology is an investment that pays off in increased productivity and reduced vulnerability to cyberattacks.

Corporate leadership prioritizing and investing in a thoughtful EX strategy positions themselves for success by ensuring that employees not only have the technical skills but also feel supported and empowered in their roles.

Consid’s EX offering is comprehensive: from high-quality digital workplaces and tools to employer branding and services to create employee engagement.

“This is an area facing significant and exciting changes in the coming years. In a world where the physical workplace is challenged, active efforts are needed to create a culture. In times when technological development is in high gear, and with an AI revolution on the horizon, conscious choices are needed to stay at the forefront,” says Emma Fahlstedt.

Consid’s management has placed great importance on their own employee experience and has repeatedly been awarded the title of “Employer of the Year” by Universum.

“Our employees’ well-being, engagement, and working environment directly impact the company’s success and results. It feels natural that this is a service we should also offer our customers. Our unique mix of deep knowledge in digital transformation paired with expertise in communication and organizational development truly comes to fruition here,” says Peter Hellgren, CEO and founder of Consid.

Emma Fahlstedt’s top three tips for building a strong corporate culture:
1. Involvement. To create a culture with the employee in focus, leadership cannot sit and think about what employees want. A process involving everyone is needed.
2. Individual focus. To create a culture in an entire organization, working with individuals is essential. People are different, and one solution does not fit all. Structures must be created to promote creativity and innovation and find a way to create an entrepreneurial culture.
3. Insight into the role of technology. New systems and tools are often created to facilitate collaboration and make organizations more efficient. Ensure that technology does not become an end in itself but actually facilitates and creates the right conditions to do a good job.

Women at a Q Meet event at Consid's office.
Women at a Q Meet event at Consid's office.

Medarbejdere hos Consid griner under en workshop

Employee Experience

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