Consid Receives Major Recognition in Germany

During a press conference in Hamburg, the city's economic development and its success in attracting new businesses, especially from Scandinavia, were discussed. Among the companies establishing themselves, Consid was highlighted as an important example.

Consid i Welt
Consid i Welt

“Our goal is to attract highly innovative companies with high value-creation potential that can also create a significant number of new jobs in Hamburg. Consid has a sustainable and strong business model that fits our strategy,” says Rolf Strittmatter, CEO of Hamburg Invest, the city’s economic development agency.

Consid is one of 45 companies mediated by Hamburg Invest over the past year and was showcased as an example of successful Swedish companies expanding into Germany.

“Hamburg Invest has helped create 1,392 new jobs in Hamburg and secure an additional 7,471 jobs,” says Rolf Strittmatter, CEO of Hamburg Invest.

When it comes to the establishment of new companies, the focus is on the European internal market, particularly from Germany’s neighboring countries, Sweden and Denmark.

“With the Fehmarn Belt connection, which will be completed at the end of the decade, Hamburg will become even more closely linked to both Denmark and Sweden,” says Hamburg’s Senator for Economy and Innovation, Melanie Leonhard (SPD).

A total of 8,863 new jobs were created in the Hamburg area in 2023, an increase from 7,398 jobs in 2022. The investments mediated by Hamburg Invest amounted to 502 million euros last year, compared to 828 million euros in 2022.

“Hamburg is the economic center of Northern Europe. Due to its proximity to Scandinavia, there is a high interest in Swedish business culture and experience with Swedish values in business collaborations in Northern Germany,” says Patrick Hall, Germany Director for Consid.

Consid expanded to Hamburg in November 2022, and since then, the company has achieved significant success, with several large framework agreements. So far, Consid has created approximately 40 new jobs in Hamburg, with more planned for the coming year.

“We expect to have over 100 people in our Hamburg office by the end of the year,” says Patrick Hall.

Speicherstadt, Hamburg, Germany

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