Consid Employee Nominated for International Gender Equality Award – A Pillar for Women in IT

Ann Svalling, a consulting manager and change leader at Consid in Karlstad, has been nominated for the "Women in Tech Ally" award at the annual Nordic Women in Tech Awards. This prestigious international prize highlights Ann's commitment to supporting women in the IT and tech industries.

Ann Svalling.

The “Women in Tech Ally” nomination comes after nearly 20 years of work dedicated to changing gender norms within the IT industry. When Ann joined Consid in 2022, she continued her efforts under the banner of Q by Consid, the company’s gender equality platform.

– The thing I’m most proud of during my time at Consid is the mentorship. Being a mentor to young, ambitious women who want to move forward is incredibly rewarding. Many have it in them but just need that little push that I, in my mentor role with my experience, can provide, says Ann Svalling.

Recently, her nomination was highlighted in her hometown of Karlstad. In an article in Nya Wermlands-Tidningen (NWT), Ann states:

– I have almost 25 years in the industry, and they have been fantastic years. My personal journey in IT has been very rewarding, and the industry has given me so much. Being able to give back and help others is fantastic.

Ann Svalling has become an important figurehead for Q by Consid and is one of the most popular speakers at the platform’s Q Meets events held at Consid offices across Sweden.

– It is incredibly fun to be out meeting people, giving lectures, and listening to others’ experiences. I am so deeply moved every time someone comes up and says they were inspired by something I’ve said or that they found it useful in some way.

In the NWT article, Ann also debunks some myths about IT and women in the industry.

– That you have to love video games, be a ‘nerd’, drink suspicious cola, and be in a basement. But there’s nothing like that. To be a good developer, you really have to be good at collaboration and understanding the fundamental problems so that you do the right thing.

– And the IT industry is a great industry for women to be in. We need to reach out to more people that we have good working conditions.

The award will be presented at the Nordic Women in Tech Awards in Oslo this fall.

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