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Mentorship for women and non-binary individuals

We want to show all the exciting opportunities that the tech world offers and share our knowledge and expertise in areas that a potential educational and career path in tech can involve. We do this through our mentorship program, Q Mentoria!

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Q Mentoria in brief

The mentor and mentee are matched based on the expectations of the mentorship program, their skills, and interests, all to ensure the best possible collaboration. The mentorship program takes place during the fall or spring, from January to June or August to December. During this period, the mentor and mentee meet at least once a month.

Meetings can take place either in person or online. It is important for the mentor and mentee to communicate before each meeting to agree on an agenda and what they want to focus on during the meetings. The mentee is also welcome to visit Consid’s offices and see what a typical day at the leading tech company in Europe looks like.

The relationship between the mentee and mentor in Q Mentoria should be characterized by an open atmosphere, which is why the conversations are confidential to promote a trusting relationship.

Seminars and Education

During the mentorship period, the mentee is offered various types of webinars, lectures, and workshops in addition to their interactions with the mentor. These aim to provide additional opportunities for inspiration for personal development and guidance in technical areas.

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The Goal of Q Mentoria

The goal of a mentorship program is to cultivate a relationship between a mentee and a mentor that leads to personal and professional development. Mentorship involves two parties learning from each other and sharing various types of experiences. It is a means to inspire both others and oneself to gain a better understanding of the workplace and achieve a specific position in the future. Through Q Mentoria, we also aim to highlight role models through our mentors that others can look up to and be inspired by.

Who can be an mentee in Q Mentoria?

Q Mentoria is aimed at those who identify as women or non-binary and are curious about IT and technology in any form, whether they are studying a technical education or already working in the IT and technology sector. You may already have a background in tech or have just begun developing an interest in the field. The most important thing is that you have curiosity.

Our Mentors

Our mentors work at Consid. Our mentors come from diverse backgrounds and have different experiences in the tech world. (If you are specifically looking for a female mentor, you can select that option in the application). Mentorship involves a more experienced individual taking on the role of a role model and offering their expertise, experience, time, and network to another person seeking support in their personal development. It is important that the mentor brings a certain level of maturity, both as an individual and as a professional. A good mentor is someone who is self-aware of their strengths and weaknesses and can articulate their thoughts and experiences to others. A mentor should be a good listener, genuinely interested in the mentee, credible, humble, supportive, and willing to invest their time in the mentorship relationship.

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The mentee’s role

As the mentee, it is your responsibility to describe your goals and expectations for the mentorship relationship. It’s important for the mentee to understand that the mentor is dedicating their time to engage in the mentee’s personal development, so come prepared.

The mentee is at the center of the mentorship relationship. To make it as rewarding as possible, it’s good if the mentee is open, receptive to feedback, and willing to accept constructive criticism.

As a mentee, it’s also valuable to share your own knowledge and experiences; the mentor will undoubtedly learn as much from you as you do from them. Don’t hesitate to be the one actively seeking advice and guidance; the mentor needs to know what you want help with.

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