Consid Discusses Sustainability at “Smaka på Trollhättan” Festival

Around 150 VIP guests gathered near the main stage in Trollhättan on Friday evening to learn about how Consid works with sustainability. The audience was informed about innovative strategies and commitments to reduce environmental impact, which bolster sustainability efforts, as well as their work with social sustainability. The presentation concluded with an oyster and champagne tasting.

Consid's Anna Edstedt and Nathalie Besèr during the "Smaka på Trollhättan" Festival.
Consid's Anna Edstedt and Nathalie Besèr during the "Smaka på Trollhättan" Festival.

– It was a fantastic opportunity to tell our customers in Trollhättan about our sustainability efforts. We received many questions after the lecture, which I interpret as a great interest in the subject, says Nathalie Besèr, Head of Sustainability and Communications at Consid.

Approximately 150 VIP attendees were seated to listen to how Consid actively engages in sustainability. The event was part of the annual festival “Smaka på Trollhättan.” Consid’s sustainability manager Nathalie Besèr and partnership manager Anna Edstedt shared how Consid has made sustainability a core part of the company’s DNA.

A key part of the presentation was the introduction of “Q by Consid,” the company’s platform for equality and non-discrimination. This initiative aims to promote and ensure an inclusive and fair work environment where all employees have equal opportunities to develop and thrive. “Q by Consid” includes initiatives and measures to combat discrimination and promote diversity within the company. The platform focuses on raising awareness of equality issues, educating staff, and implementing policies that support an equitable and inclusive culture. Through “Q by Consid,” the company strives to be a role model in equality and create a workplace where everyone feels valued and respected. The platform also aims to attract more women and non-binary individuals to the IT industry.

– There are far too few women in the IT industry. Looking at developers and programmers, the percentage is even lower. We are trying to make the IT industry more equal and inclusive so that it becomes an industry for everyone. It will have very significant long-term consequences if there are too few women in IT, says Anna Edstedt, who is responsible for “Q by Consid.”

Consid has taken a comprehensive approach to sustainability issues, which includes implementing green technologies, sustainable working methods, and social responsibility. Edstedt and Besèr explained how this proactive department works to integrate sustainability goals into all aspects of operations, from product development to customer collaborations.

Recently, Consid was awarded by the Scandinavian Business Awards 2024 for the company’s sustainability efforts.

– In recent years, we have raised the bar in our sustainability work. We took an entirely new approach, making it a larger part of several areas within the company, explains Besèr, who has been driving the process.

After the inspiring lecture, the evening transitioned into an enjoyable segment where guests savored exquisite oysters from northern Bohuslän, from Havstenssunds Ostron. These oysters, known for their water-purifying properties and unique taste, were served with sparkling beverages, enhancing the culinary experience and creating a festive atmosphere among the participants.

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Equal IT industry

Consid works for equality within the IT industry through our equality platform Q by Consid & awards prizes to the eQualizer of the Year.
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Together with our clients & partners, we are building a sustainable future. Learn how Consid is working with UN's 17 global goals.
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